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A Special Lucky Dip for Easter...

What will you be spending your time doing this Easter? Perhaps an egg hunt in the garden? A sit-down meal with the whole family? Creating super crafts? Or perhaps you will be glued to our website, taking advantage of the amazing Easter deals we have got going on! We have gathered together a massive selection for you to enjoy, all with 15% off their price so that you can afford to splash out a little.

Of course, you will still find time to take part in all of the classic Easter celebrations but do make sure you set aside some you-time for a good browse through our current special offers. You are sure to find something that is going to brighten up your whole Spring, as well as making sure that your purse doesn't get too light. Call us spoilsports and party-poopers if you like, but we forbid you to spend the money you save on Easter eggs. Think about your figure on the big day!

When we have a lot of items in a collection, as with our current sale, it is our most definite pleasure to have a lucky dip or two and highlight these products. Even if neither of them is your style, they will serve as a way to sharpen and refine your eye for the stylish and help you become even more certain of your unique aesthetics. Or, you might find that both of them are ideal and just what you’ve been looking for!

Crystal Dress Trim - Lunar

Lunar Crystal Dress Trim

The moon is a powerful symbol in all human cultures and in the west it has been associated with madness; the Latin word ‘luna’, meaning moon, is the same word from which we get the modern English ‘lunatic’. While this dress trim is much more refined than a common lunatic, there is definitely an element of the mysterious and exotic about this design. Either way, you would be crazy to miss out on our 15% discount.

Crystal Dress Trim - Libra

Libra Crystal Dress Trim

Our second lucky dip keeps us on a space theme and the effect of silver edging and beads, opaque diamantes and ivory pearls really makes for an explosive, intergalactic aesthetic. We love this style, which like its namesake is a truly well-balanced affair, both subtle and blatant to equal, stunning degree.

Ready to take your own lucky dip? Start saving!

Crystal Motifs are Designed to Shine..

We all love a bit of sparkle. In fact, we all love a lot of sparkle! And where else would you find the very best, most sparkly stuff of all except right here at Bridal Fabrics? We have got an absolutely gorgeous collection of crystal motifs that are designed to make you look like a star on your most special day.

Adding a crystal motif to your dress can completely revolutionise it, giving it a new aspect that you never thought you could have. The way crystals catch the light gives the dress a sense of movement and excitement, becoming hypnotic to those who see you wearing it. So if you like all eyes to be on you, especially on your wedding day, then crystal motifs are the perfect idea. Let’s have a look at some of the gorgeous designs we currently have available.

Crystal Embroidery - AnemomeCrystal Embroidery - AtlasCrystal Embroidery - Freesia


At the centre of this motif is a complex and beautiful arrangement if wire and it is surrounded by glistening diamantes. An extremely luxurious design with a surprisingly low price tag! If you feel like being adventurous, then this could be the motif for you.


For those of who who like a lot of embellishment, get ready to be wowed! The designer has let their imagination have free rein and has added beads, diamantes and sequins to the softest ivory tulle. Enhanced even further with fine gauze, this is really a design for the extravagant brides among you and is versatile enough to be used in a number of places on the wedding gown.


This is pure class from start to finish. SIlver yarn forms the base, creating gorgeous contours that add a vibrant feel. The embellishments follow in the form of sequins, pearls and diamantes which together create a three dimensional shape. Freesia is a futuristic design and will look amazing on any gown. Delightful!

So there are just a few of our crystal motifs and we are sure your appetite has been whetted to see more...

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