Flower Girl - Enchanting Fabric Choices

Flower Girl - Enchanting Fabric Choices

Delightful fabric and dainty lace choices for flower girls.

The delight of a wedding isn't just for the bride and groom. For a little flower girl the opportunity to dress like a princess is a dream come true.   We offer a range of fabrics, laces, trims and appliqués in a range of colours as well as ivory and white. 

Here are some of our favourite flower girl fabric and lace suggestions.

Dupion Silk

Dupion silk is a forever favourite and has been a traditional wedding fabric for generations.  Flower girls and page boys are often seen in silk Dupion at Royal Weddings. Romantique is one quality that is a favourite because it shows the traditional slubs in the fabric, slightly raised parts of the weave that is a signature of this type of silk.  Intaglio is another, smoother version and we also offer Clarity a fabulous polyester option.


Dainty Lace

We have a section on our website for small scale lace suitable for garments for children, especially flower girls.  These dainty designs are perfect for small scale dresses and bodices. A few of our favourite, pretty lace designs are Marya simple yet elegant embroidered tulle with a floral bouquet design, Kirsty which features pretty flowers and a stunning open border and is available in a range of colours and Adebola, featuring pretty and delicate 3D flowers, entwined with narrow stems and tiny clover like leaves.

Malou, Gordonia and Lyall with its daisy flowers are also superb choices! 


Coloured Lace and Fabric

Adding a bit of colour into the proceedings or matching the flower girl to the bridesmaids or accent colour is a popular choice.  For a floaty soft chiffon choose Serendipity or be in awe of the colour selection of our best selling bridesmaid satin Majestic.  For lace look out Drew in Rose and pretty in pink Kenner - the perfect pink choice.  Of you want layers of tulle we offer plenty of colour options ina quality called Carnival, perfect for layered tulle baby dresses. 


The lace featured on the main image is also a gorgeous option and is called Anita, with bands of lace over a dotted ivory tulle.

Want any advice?  We're the experts and we're here to help so contact us.

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