Pleated Fabrics

Pleated Fabrics

Looking for pleated fabrics to create original garments? Do you need a textured textile with a series of spaced pleats? Bridal Fabrics opens its collection of pleats suitable for the creation of original wedding dress models. We offer timeless and versatile items, which means that professionals can use them for a wide application, including bride dress. You can order a fabric sample on each product page - we supply the first  two samples free of charge.

A range of pleated fabrics for the sewing market. Suitable for wedding outfits and outfits for special occasions, these fabrics offer a remarkable aesthetic with a 3D effect. All products are in stock and ready to ship, with no minimums and top-notch customer service. 



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Explore our collection of fabrics with elegant pleats. You will certainly find the textile perfectly adapted to the dress you have imagined in order to succeed in your creation. Quality sewing, in addition to the craftsmanship of the designer, depends largely on the supplies used. By choosing a fabric from Bridal Fabrics' pleated fabric collection, you can be sure that you are meeting your customers' expectations.

Pleated fabrics with unique features

In order to guarantee you a good quality of textile to make wedding dresses, Bridal Fabrics has made it a point of honor on the quality of its products. Indeed, different materials are worked with finesse to authenticate the texture and drape of our pleats, allowing us to deliver satin, polyester or silk fabrics.

The proper use of these materials results in fabrics that are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. You can have them in a variety of sizes to sew any type of garment of your liking.


In terms of structure, you still have a choice to choose from. Whatever your needs, our textiles with regular and tight pleats and our accordion pleated fabrics will satisfy your requirements.

Enjoy a wide variety of pleated fabrics

Starting with pleated washed satin panels, Bridal Fabrics has a variety of fabrics to suit every need. Manufacturing material, size, format, colours, all profiles and all desires are taken into account in the manufacture of our products.

Soft, supple and light, the Ivory Samba Pleated Silk Organza has a light and buoyant appearance. The bottom and top of each panel are trimmed with a rolled hem that makes it much easier to finish when sewing. They are perfect for making an impeccable wedding dress or a descending skirt. You can have them as panels that are 140 cm high and 83 cm wide.

Finally, there are Soleil pleated fabrics with pleats arranged in an increasing semicircle and diffused towards the ends. This is particularly the case for the ivory sunburst pleated panels that produce an impactful visual effect. Made of 100% polyester, these panels can be sewn together to create a swirling modern dress.

Ease of work: our textile fabrics for faster execution

It should be remembered that the diversity of our products, including our lace, also extends to colors, and you can thus obtain, depending on your needs:


Another advantage of our products is their ease of use. In fact, you can use it to make elegant creations with ease. It is enough to guarantee the closed fixation of the folds to take full control of the material. Sticky paper, pin, needle should therefore be your companion tools. Also, our pleated fabrics are very easy to care for. They wash with mild detergents and light movements to avoid stretching or distorting creases.

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