We offer a wide range of tulles and nets in terms of weights, stiffness, color, quality and embellishment. Glitter tulles are especially en vogue in 2023 going into 2024. 

Tulles are a light weight and extremely fine, "nets", which are often starched to give them different degrees of stiffness or drape. Using a hexagon or diamond shaped weave, tulle can be made from various fibres, such as nylon, rayon or silk. 

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Glitter Tulle (132cm/52") - Mission
Sale price £47.26 / metre
Dress Net (150cm/58") - Maestro
Sale price £10.50 / metre
Dress Net (150cm/58") - Fantasy
Sale price £12.60 / metre
Glitter Tulle (300cm/119") – Enmity
Sale price £28.36 / metre
Ivory Sequinned Tulle - Katja
Sale price £42.00 / metre
Stretch Tulle (150cm/59") - Success
Sale price £11.03 / metre
Ivory Medium Spot Tulle - Spice
Sale price £12.60 / metre
Ivory Sequinned Tulle - Graziella
Sale price £63.00 / metre
Ivory Silk Tulle (370cms/145") - PhenomenonIvory Silk Tulle (370cms/145") - Phenomenon
Ivory Powernet - Orion
Sale price £12.60 / metre
Ivory Sequin Tulle – Animation
Sale price £63.00 / metre
Flock Tulle - Fiesta
Sale price £40.96 / metre
Soft Dress Tulle (150cm/58") - Symphony
Sale price £12.60 / metre
Ivory EcoTulle (300cm/118") - Society
Sale price £18.90 / metre
Ivory Spotted Flock Tulle - Elevation
Sale price £22.06 / metre
Firm Tulle (300cm/118") - Bravery
Sale price £18.90 / metre
Ivory Net - Birdcage
Sale price £18.90 / metre
Ivory Pearl Tulle - Folly
Sale price £91.36 / metre

Originating from the city of Tulle in Southern France, in the early 1700's, tulle became commonly used to accentuate a fuller skirt and provide a floaty look as it is much more lightweight than layers of fabric. Tulles are commonly used for wedding veils, gowns, under or over layers for skirts and stiffer tulles or net for ballet tutus or costumes. If you would like to see these fabrics up close, order samples - your first two are free!

We offer a number of different tulles and nets, which offer a choice of weights and stiffness depending on the end use and look you desire. Some of our nets and tulles have embellishments such as diamantes and glitter whilst others are simple yet stunning. Our colored articles, especially Carnival  or Climax are also suitable for a variety of dance, ballet and theatrical purposes.

Quality tulle used to make dresses and veils

Tulle is the premier choice for veiling fabric and is also used under and over skirts to add more volume. Transparent and vaporous, it is made up of a continuous network of knitted yarn that is either nylon, polyester, silk or cotton.

At Bridal Fabrics, we offer tulles of all kinds of the best quality. We offer plain tulles that can be left plain but can also have trim or appliques added to them.  This is a popular option for veiling.  We also offer tulle that is already embellished with either glitter, beads or flocking. We have a choice of colors and also stock illusion tulle to make dresses where the fabric creates the illusion of bare skin.  We also have tulle that has a deep lace border on one edge to create very striking veils or dress overlays. We call these lace trimmed tulles.

Our collection of tulles is wide and varied

In addition to offering tulle with or without embellishment we offer tulle in different widths.  If you are making a cathedral length veil or layers for a circle skirt we have a range of veiling tulles that are 300cms (118") wide.  We also offer different weights of tulle and net.  The heavier the tulle the more structure it gives.  For example Moderation is a net that is used to make underskirts or petticoats because it is stiff enough to add a lot of volume and allow the skirt to sit proud and stand out like a Disney princess dress.  If you need any help or advise on which tulle or net to choose to get the look you want please get in touch with our team of experts.  We are always happy to help.  You can also order tulle fabric samples on each product page - the first two are free. We also offer tulle made from different components for example silk tulle and also Polyamide tulle.  We also offer a range of stretch tulle which are especially popular for dancewear and theatre costumes.

A wide choice of tulle fabrics in stock

We have a wide selection of tulle fabric that we stock which means we are able to send it out to you very quickly.  We can often despatch your order the same day and deliver it worldwide in just a few working days. If you are looking for a wedding net or tulle fabric please browse the collection using the filters to help you.  Order samples of your top choice of tulle fabric.

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