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Taffeta Fabrics

Taffeta is a smooth, crisp fabric that is often used in wedding dresses, christening gowns, corsets, theatrical purposes and fancy dress. We offer both solid colours and shot colours that can offer a dramatic effect. The lovely crispness of the fabric creates a gentle rustle noise as the wearer moves. Many designers choose to lay this fabric over a tulle petticoat, either as a contrast or a complementary tone.



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This fabric is distinguished by its brittle and crispy texture that rustles slightly during movements. High-level couturiers and stylists often rely on taffeta as an element to accompany or complement other fabrics in a dress, to provide contrast, or to create additional decorative elements.

At Bridal Fabrics, enjoy the different tones of this textile that shines subtly. The shot taffeta retains the light in a particular way, and the reflections produced show a dual tone from the two colors that are used in the weaving process. This dual tone can really highlight the cut of a dress and is eye-catching also. 


Whether it is a shot or dual tone taffeta, that is to say woven with threads of different colors allowing different reflections in the light, or it is simply made from a single thread, taffeta available from Bridal Fabrics brings charm and elegance to dresses. It is used for the design of short as well as long dresses, for the assembly of elegant bustiers. If you are looking to mimic a period dress for a theatre, tv, re-enactment or just for your own sewing project, this is definitely a first choice fabric. Taffeta for wedding dresses has been used in haute couture for example by Vera Wang and has fallen out of favour in the bridal industry in recent years but we are seeing a resurgence, with a significant quantity of taffeta fabric bustling and sweeping in dramatic and structural wedding dresses.

Whether you are looking to create a vintage or contemporary dress, the texture of taffeta allows you to take certain liberties: pleat, layer and puff out sleeves because of the crispness of the fabric. Many centuries ago, this woven silk fabric was appreciated in ancient Persia for its dual tonality. Today, designers still love the shimmer of this fabric creating elegant and refined dresses.


The quality of the textiles used to make a wedding dress or for creations for all kinds of special occasion wear remains of primary importance. Our online fabric store is committed to providing wedding dress designers with collections of fabrics from the best suppliers in the world.  We source our quality fabric from The United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, France and India amongst others.  We also deliver orders worldwide.

We offer a combination of Taffeta fabric made from different yarns including silk taffeta, polyester taffeta and also an eco taffeta called Conceal using recycled polyester for the eco conscious bride. 


In order to help you with your selection of taffeta fabric, you can order two free standard samples provided by Bridal Fabrics. Once you have made your decision, it's easy to place your order online on each product page. If you need any help or advice please contact us.

At Bridal Fabrics, we work to ensure you have an excellent range of fabrics, lace, tulles and trim to choose from and to provide you with a first rate customer service. You can rely on us as a partner in your bridal business or individual sewing project.

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