Glitter Tulle

Glitter Tulle

A superb range of glitter tulles in a variety of different widths and designs.  These light weight, floaty fabrics offer sparkle and are a great value option for wedding dresses and special occasion wear.  All products are in stock and ready to ship with no minimums and first rate customer service. 



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Glitter Tulle (132cm/52") - Mission
Sale price £47.26 / metre
Glitter Tulle (300cm/119") – Enmity
Sale price £28.36 / metre
Glitter Tulle (300cm/118") - Magnetism
Sale price £50.40 / metre
Graduated Glitter Tulle - Vegas
Sale price £63.00 / metre
Glitter Tulle (300cm/118") - Bewitch
Sale price £34.66 / metre
Glitter Tulle (150cm/59") - Cavalry
Sale price £34.66 / metre
Glitter Tulle (300cm/118") - Showtime
Sale price £40.96 / metre
Glitter Tulle (150cm/59") - Florentine
Sale price £78.76 / metre
Black Glitter Tulle - Debonair
Sale price £47.26 / metre
Couture Tulle with Spot - Select
Sale price £170.10 / metre

On trend and versatile, these fabrics are a embellished with glitter adhered to a base tulle.  The coverage across the range varies from sparse to full and also graduated options.  We also stock a range of glitter lace which features a range of designs across the body of the tulle. Our first two samples are supplied free of charge - please click on request sample on each product page to order one.


Glitter lace pieces have become must-haves that can be found everywhere.  More and more women are succumbing to the trend that glitter is worn at all times. Sparkling on dresses in the evenings or mixed with basics during the day, glitter lace is definitively on trend.  Glitter veils and wedding dresses are en vogue and the sparkle is set to stay.

If you are a designer of wedding dresses and/or evening dresses looking for a fabric to make your customers sparkle glitter lace is a cost effective and popular choice. At Bridal Fabrics, we have an extensive selection of glitter tulle fabric and glitter lace. Whatever colors you are looking for, we offer premium quality items whose design will delight you.


Bridal Fabrics is a leading fabric supplier who stock an unparalleled range of Glitter fabrics.  The designs vary hugely with some dense and some sparsely covered and some designs on a large scale and some on a small repeat. Glitter tulle will provide contemporary glitz without the additional expense of  beaded embellishment. With its structured drape, you will be able to create incredible overlays for skirts, jackets, dresses and even bodices.

A design with all over glitter and one of our most popular glitter products is sorcery lace a real sparkle for intensely glamorous dresses. Composed of a dense coverage of glitter it is available in a range of different colors including ivory, champagne, pink and black. It is ideal for making your next gala, homecoming, prom or wedding dress.

If your clients are looking for an eye catching look, Captivation lace is the fabric best suited for a combination of glamour and luxury. This new 300 cm glitter fabric features swirling patterns made with glitter and offers an absolutely unique dimension.

Apart from the ivory designs that work with bridal and day wear, you can use deeper colours for evening, special occasion wear and for the alternative bride. Black sparkle is on offer with glitter fabric Sorcery.


We have chosen fabrics with glitter applied in such a way that they adhere to the base fabric. Their natural draping combines with their extraordinary design to offer a very attractive aesthetic. Evaluate the product range and make a selection of possibilities to create comfortable clothes and chic accessories. These fabrics, from manufacturers across the world, are accessible on our site at very affordable prices. You are able to order the quantity that suits you (we have no minimum order value or quantity) with out the significant outlay of more heavily embellished designs.

The quality of our products is a priority for us. Our team of fabric experts carefully checks and selects fabrics that meet the strict criteria of an exceptional glitter fabric. If you are not convinced, do not worry, you can always return them in accordance with our returns policy.

Let your creativity express itself through our fantastically designed glittery fabrics. Do not hesitate to ask for samples to better appreciate the quality of our products.

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