Lace Appliques are decorative motifs which are usually sewn to an existing fabric such as tulle or netting often with a matching lace or lace trim.  They can be supplied in symmetrical pairs or individually and and are highly decorative. Our lace applique and crystal motifs are of extremely high quality and create a fabulous finishing touch. 

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Crystal Embroidery - Gallia
Sale price £126.00
Crystal Embroidery - Eros
Sale price £35.28
Crystal Embroidery - Iana
Sale price £80.64
Crystal Embroidery - Athena
Sale price £20.16
Crystal Embroidery - Diana
Sale price £30.24
Crystal Embroidery - Zephyr
Sale price £181.44
Crystal Embroidery - Viola
Sale price £17.64
Crystal Embroidery - Dahlia
Sale price £16.38
Crystal Embroidery - Vanda
Sale price £40.32
Crystal Embroidery - Tulip
Sale price £95.76
Crystal Embroidery - Peony
Sale price £80.64
Crystal Embroidery - Allium
Sale price £40.32
Crystal Embroidery - Greco
Sale price £80.64

These beautiful wedding dress embellishments, as used by top fashion designers, are transforming wedding gowns into flamboyant, dramatic creations, bringing back glamour, sophistication and a dazzling sense of drama to both aisle and catwalk.  A lot of lace appliques are actually handmade but there are many machine made variations too. Our customers also use appliques in jewelry manufacture, wedding and evening shoes and handbag design. 


Romantic and light, lace is a popular fabric for the design of evening dresses, engagement dresses and other glamorous garments. Also used to embellish lingerie, the lace applique is available in several versions. To add elegance and lightness to a garment, appliques are a great solution that are budget friendly and as we have no minimums you only need to purchase the amount that you need for an individual sewing project. The lace applique really adds a touch that can make all the difference to the final look of a garment. Whether you are adding detail to a wedding veil, a dress, Christening gown or flower girl dress, we have a fantastic selection of appliques in a range of colors. Easy to sew on to any garment from haute couture to revitalizing a vintage dress, order samples to evaluate the quality and detail for yourself.


Let yourself be inspired by our collection of lace appliques selected for their quality and aesthetic appeal. Suitable for all budgets, the collection includes lace appliques of various styles and all colors. We offer beaded letters to applique onto jackets or signs to spell messages or initials.  We also offer in this collection a heart shaped applique too.  With a size of 5 cm (2”), they are embellished with beads for added glamour. We offer large single appliques that are suitable for the bodice, back and/or front of a dress.  A great example is our Lennon bodice applique. This bodice is also available with beading.

We offer a range of embellished appliques adorned with beads and sequins.  Please use the filters to help you with your choice.  A fantastic sprakling sequin applique that is especailly popular is Delta, great value to add some shimmer to an outfit.  Pearl embellished motifs are especially popular at the moment so please check out Bernadette and Utah, two lovely examples with pearlescent beading, perfect for adding a romantic flair to any garment.  These appliques also come in a range of colors dyed to order.  If you are looking for something alternative to add drama or flair to your outfit, take a look at Icharus appliques that mimic feathered wings with layers of embroidery or Alaska, a large elegantly embellished fabric flower applique.


At Bridals Fabrics, we offer such a vast range of products that we hope will inspire and also satisfy the creative needs of designers across the globe. We are partners to many bridal designers and small ateliers all over the world having built up a reputation of a fantastic range of bridal products, quality and excellent customer service. 

As a family business supplying the bridal industry for many decades, we pride ourselves on the service that we offer to our customers.  We believe we have an unparalleled range of motifs from which you can choose the perfect embellishment for your dress design.  Should you want any more information about any of our products or advice on your sewing project please do not hesitate to contact us.

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