Crepe Fabrics

Crepe Fabrics

Crepe fabrics are typically lightweight and woven using twisted fibres which give a characteristic "pebbly" look and handle. Though we do offer some heavy weight crepes that have a divine drape and handle. Crepe is an on trend fabric in bridal currently and the matte finish and drapey handle is particularly sought after. 



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Ivory Eco Crepe (135cm/53") - Territory
Sale price £75.00 / metre
Ivory Eco Crepe (135cm/53") - Habitat
Sale price £75.00 / metre
Polyester Crepe (148cm/58") - Sacrament
Sale price £48.00 / metre
Polyester Crepe (138cm/54") - Palace
Sale price £39.00 / metre

We also offer Silk crepe de chine which is very light weight fabric with a very soft handle, considerable lustre and a fairly sheer appearance. It is made out of raw silk and is a durable fabric with a slightly rippled texture. In addition on these pages are Silk crepe backed satin options, a very smooth fabric perfect for bridal, bridesmaid or ball gowns due to its luxurious, soft drape and colour range. Silk double crepe with a sand washed finish is a fabric with a lovely soft feeling and drapes beautifully. This fabric has no sheen and is luxurious when worn next to the skin. Ideal for flowing garments and in many colours a favourite of mothers of the bride looking for a luxury fabric.  We also offer eco crepe fabric within the collection.


If you are looking for a soft, fluid drapey fabric then crepe is more than likely the choice of fabric for you.  For wedding dresses, bridesmaids or any garment this is a  flowing fabric that looks and feels luxurious. In addition to looking beautiful and opulent, the crepe comes from strongly twisted fibers so it is a durable and versatile fabric to work with and to wear.  It doesn't crease which adds to its appeal too. There are many options of crepe fabric such as a thick or slightly transparent fabric. It can have a granular appearance and is not as smooth to the touch as a satin for example. Some crepe fabrics have been satin finished for a shiny appearance.  Matte or shiny, crepe is a luxurious fabric that can lend itself to many uses.

We provide crepe fabrics to a range of bridal designers, dress designers and brides as the leading supplier of bridal fabrics in Europe. With an excellent sample service, a fantastic range of quality crepe fabrics in many colors, please enjoy browsing the collection and use the filters to help you with your choice.


We offer a selection of crepe fabrics that include silk crepe fabric, polyester and also an range of eco fabrics that include crepe.

Our most popular crepe fabric is called Pamper, a heavy stretch crepe that has the most luxurious drape.  Once used, designers rarely go back. This fabric offers great value for money with its silky soft handle and its lavish look.  We offer a range of polyester crepe fabrics to choose from so it is worth ordering samples from each product page to make your selection.

We stock a silk double crepe called Expression which is divine and a very popular silk double crepe with a sandwashed finish called Temptation which is one of the most luxurious and revered fabrics in our collection.  We offer it in a range of colours in a slightly narrower width as Tantalise which have proved especially popular for a mother of the bride or wedding guest outfits with over twenty colors available.

Within this crepe fabric selection there is also a lovely soft crepe satin called Refinement, a lightweight crepe with a subtle sparkle imbued into it called Palace and poly crepe de chine and silk crepe de chine too.

Eco and sustainable fabrics are also part of an unparalleled collection and whether you are looking for a light weight eco crepe fabric such as Wit, or a heavier drapey eco fabric such as Territory or Habitat. One of the heaviest fabrics in the whole collection is a very on trend, tri-acetate sustainable heavy weight crepe called Justice.  Please watch the video on the product page to appreciate the amazing drape and handle of this uber luxurious fabric.


Crepe fabrics are used to make dresses, jumpsuits and trousers. One reason is the appeal, versatility and durability of the fabric and the ease with which it can be sewn. If you are an experienced sewist or a hobbyist on your first sewing project this is not a challenging fabric to work with and can easily be machine sewn.

During cutting, we recommend you weight the fabric and pin it closely and cut with a well-sharpened pair of scissors. 

For sewing, choose a new 70 or 60 needle. Finish the edges with a hem or use the technique of your choice to preserve the quality of the fabric. When passing under the pressing foot, the fabric can also be pinned to paper for support it it is a thin fabric. 

No need to spend hours looking for a quality crepe fabric. Bridal Fabrics offers the best of crepe at affordable prices.

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