Printed Silk Fabrics

Printed Silk Fabrics

A collection of exquisitely printed Italian silk fabrics from silk satin, silk taffeta and silk organza.  This range features beautiful floral motifs printed onto the silk base to great effect.  All products are in stock and ready to ship with no minimums and first rate customer service. 

For a luxurious and opulent fabric choice for a wedding dress.   Our first two samples are supplied free of charge - please click on Order a Sample on each product page to order one.



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Ivory Printed Silk Organza- Belissa
Sale price £162.00 / metre
Ivory Printed Silk Satin - Massima
Sale price £201.00 / metre
Ivory Printed Silk - Leonardo
Sale price £162.00 / metre
Ivory Printed Silk Satin - Marcia
Sale price £201.00 / metre
Ivory Printed Silk Satin Organza - Carrie
Sale price £252.00 / metre
Ivory Printed Silk Satin - Jacquetta
Sale price £201.00 / metre
Black Printed Taffeta - Paola
Sale price £210.00 / metre

Supplier of printed silk for the manufacture of wedding dresses

For wedding dress designers, the challenge is always to make unique pieces that combine elegance, charm and comfort, respecting the trends of the moment or the desires of the bride. And in this process, the selection of the main fabric remains a step of primary importance.

For the creation of unique games of transparency, for refined dresses that evoke the delicacy, distinction or modernity of today's creations, secular fabrics such as silk remain very popular choices. Do you have to create romantic models that inspire the universe that we imagine correspond to princesses? Do you want to create flowing dresses in their structure, classic and chic, while maintaining a certain touch of fantasy? Printed silk can be an excellent choice for creating glamorous and very elegant dresses.

Bridal Fabrics offers you here its collection of Italian silk carefully printed by modern and very efficient processes. This delicate silk is made from silk taffeta, organza or even silk satin, for renderings with the most attractive visual effect.

Printed silk, for creations full of meaning and style

Wedding dress designers can bring high-end designs to life with these quality printed silk fabrics we offer in this category. If the sumptuous and impressive dresses from the salons of our customers essentially to their talent, our shop is proud to participate in the realization of these masterpieces in every way unique. To materialize sophistication, originality or, on the contrary, simplicity and sobriety, you will be able to find a beautiful silk print to delight future brides without limits.

Silk allows the design of modern or atypical dresses, short or long, rich in details and various embellishments; or on the contrary light, sober, and very classy. We open the doors of our shop to all talented designers looking for unique textiles for royal, vintage, elegant and always attractive wedding dresses.

Transparent, supple, firm, colorful or very discreet, the printed silk for the creation of wedding dresses that we present to you in this category can serve your plans and materialize your ideas, or participate in inspiring you for future creations.

Choose Bridal Fabrics

Printed silk opens up the prospect of very diverse creations, since the patterns that are created remain available in multiple colors and shapes. Choosing our family business also means plunging into an additional embarrassment of choice. We present to you some of the most recent selections worldwide, and the different models highlighted by our shop meet the requirements of renowned designers around the world.

You can rely on our support!

And because our company strives above all to ensure your full satisfaction, we invite you to contact us for possible advice. All printed silk patterns that are available in stock can be sent worldwide. We want to remain the privileged interlocutors of the hundreds of designers who place their trust in us around the world. For this, no minimum is required for your orders. Would you like to acquire only a few meters of a specific model for a single dress order? Do you need printed silk in large quantities to make models to present for exhibitions or in stores, for example? Our shop remains the best choice to satisfy you. Our pricing policy, our flexible conditions for returning products, or the possibility of quickly and receiving two free samples are all elements that will reassure you.


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