Discounted Lace for Bridalwear

Discounted Lace for Bridalwear

Having such a huge range of bridal lace and fabrics makes it impossible not to have some slow and some fast moving items. Sometimes, we are able to buy in bulk and can pass this saving on to our customers.  All the products in this section are perfect quality but we may be overstocked so choose to offer them at a discounted rate. Please look at the individual product to find out the level of discount offered. 

All products are in stock and ready to ship with no minimums and first rate customer service.

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For wedding dress designers, being able to find the right textiles is essential to succeed in a project to create the perfect bridal outfit. If you are on our online store, you can have peace of mind about the variety of lace we offer, and the assurance of finding the fabric you are looking for. But opportunities don't stop there. For fine and quality lace used to make wedding dresses, Bridal Fabrics also offers you a selection of products at reduced prices to help you save money.

Because our family business often undertakes to make purchases in very large quantities, the negotiated prices for some items are often much more competitive. Overstocking is also sometimes the reason why we have the opportunity to offer reduced rates for some product lines. Bridal Fabrics would like to reassure all designers of bridal dresses who place their trust in us: the lace of this category is of first quality, like all our products and has not been reduced because of damage or quality issues.


At Bridal Fabrics, our specialization in fabrics for wedding dresses, as well as the extensive experience of our family business, makes us your favored partner in the supply of your fabrics.  The delicate lace that makes up our discounted stock has all the characteristics that we associate with the dream wedding dress. We are proud to present these at a reduced price without compromising on quality.  This section of the website is an opportunity for brides on a budget to help their money stretch further. 

For wedding dress designers it offers an opportunity to offer a beautiful design without some of the associated expense with savings of up to 50% available.


By buying the quality lace from this section dedicated to discounted items, you can save up to 50% for example. This can be a very significant difference for more profitable bridal dress design projects.

For years, Bridal Fabrics has been a leading partner for wedding dress designers. For a fabulous range of products in stock, deliveries are made as soon as possible, often dispatched the same working day for worldwide delivery. To see the quality of our products, or to confirm a given choice, sampling can be particularly useful and we offer the first two samples free. Our team is more than happy to discuss your choices, or to assist you with any advice.

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