Raschel Lace Trim

Raschel Lace Trim

A selection of lightweight Raschel lace trims that is perfect for trimming wedding veils and dresses.  In a range of widths and available with or without cording, these delicate trims are very light and pretty - perfect for Christening and communion gowns also.  All products are in stock and ready to ship with no minimums and first rate customer service.  

Our first two samples are supplied free of charge - please click on Order a Sample on each product page to order one.



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Ivory Corded Lace Trim – Stacey
Sale price £31.50 / metre
Ivory Lace Trim - Birch
Sale price £3.16 / metre
Ivory Corded Lace Trim - Amelia
Sale price £24.16 / metre
Ivory Raschel Lace Trim - Morgan
Sale price £21.00 / metre
White Lace Trim - Birch
Sale price £3.16 / metre
White Lace Trim - Beech
Sale price £3.16 / metre
Black Lace Trim - Birch
Sale price £3.16 / metre
White Lace Trim - Pecan
Sale price £6.30 / metre
Navy Lace Trim - Beech
Sale price £3.16 / metre
White Lace Trim - Almond
Sale price £3.16 / metre


Raschel lace is distinguished by its flat embroidered patterns on a tulle background. This mechanical lace is the modern equivalent of Chantilly lace. Although it is more accessible in terms of price, it is still as beautiful as other types of lace. With its soft handle, it offers a delicate touch which is very popular in the making of lingerie.

Bridal Fabrics offers a multitude of Raschel lace trims. You will find a range of colours such as white, ivory, but also black or navy blue. To satisfy all our customers' needs, we offer beaded options, corded and without embellishments.


Looking for minimalist white trim? Take a look at the scalloped Beech lace. With its width of 2.6 cm, it is thin and perfect to subtly enhance the cut of a wedding dress or children's clothing. We also offer white Birch lace, a trim that has the same dimensions. A little wider than the previous ones, the Rachel Almond lace border offers more pronounced patterns.

The Birch model is also available in an ivory color for wedding dresses that shift from the traditional white color. In this range of colours, check out Amélia trim, a splendid lace that measures 11 cm at its widest point. It is one of the most popular Raschel corded lace trims with our customers.  For a greater insight into the products before you buy you can watch a short YouTube video available on the product page and order a sample.

At Bridal Fabrics we also offer much wider corded models such as Morgan lace. Additionally, Mackenzie ivory corded trim, is another popular option that oozes charm. Morgan is 35 m wide and is sold in 3-metre pieces.

To create the finishing touch to a beautiful veil we recommend the romance of Stacey corded lace trim. 


The Bridal Fabrics team travels the four corners of the world in search of the most splendid lace to make your creations stand out. Our fabrics come to us from Turkey, France, Italy and Germany, among others. Outside of European countries, we also explore Asia for example Taiwan and Japan.

We visit the most famous showrooms to find exceptional fabrics. We gather a variety of bridal fabrics of the best quality for professional use.

On our site, Raschel lace borders are delivered with no minimum purchase. Due to our large stock, it is unlikely that you will not find your favorite model. If by chance a border is out of stock, we will be able to inform you of the date of availability of a new stock.

Browse our full collection and discover other equally beautiful lace trims to add the final touch to your creation.

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