Plain Tulles

Plain Tulles

Simple yet sophisticated, our range of plain tulles are perfect for veiling or overlays or petticoat making. We offer a diverse range of lightweight to stiffer tulles in a variety of colours and made from both natural and manmade fibres.  All products are in stock and ready to ship with no minimums and first rate customer service.  

You can order a tulle sample on each product page - we supply the first  two samples free of charge.



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Dress Net (150cm/58") - Maestro
Sale price £10.50 / metre
Dress Net (150cm/58") - Fantasy
Sale price £12.60 / metre
Stretch Tulle (150cm/59") - Success
Sale price £11.03 / metre
Ivory Silk Tulle (370cms/145") - PhenomenonIvory Silk Tulle (370cms/145") - Phenomenon
Ivory Powernet - Orion
Sale price £12.60 / metre
Soft Dress Tulle (150cm/58") - Symphony
Sale price £12.60 / metre
Ivory EcoTulle (300cm/118") - Society
Sale price £18.90 / metre
Firm Tulle (300cm/118") - Bravery
Sale price £18.90 / metre
Ivory Net - Birdcage
Sale price £18.90 / metre
Dress Mesh (150cm/59") - Carlton
Sale price £18.90 / metre
Eco Dress Net (150cm/58") - Placid
Sale price £12.60 / metre
Silk Tulle (185cms/73") - Furore
Sale price £78.76 / metre
Ivory Pleated Tulle - Audrinna
Sale price £157.50 / metre
Coloured Tulle - Landscape
Sale price £12.60 / metre
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Ivory Pleated Tulle - LayersIvory Pleated Tulle - Layers
Ivory Pleated Tulle - Layers
Sale price £132.30 / metre
Ivory Stretch Tulle - Opulence
Sale price £18.90 / metre


Our business is the ideal place for you to come if you are looking for quality textiles that match your wedding ideas and/or creative talents. Bridal Fabrics provides a collection of renowned fabrics and superb qualities to support designers of wedding dresses who regularly order various items in our product range. Included in this range of wedding fabrics are a fantastic selection of tulles and nets.


Tulles have occupied a prominent place in weddings for many years. Unlike other textiles, this fabric is used for many purposes including for its decorative qualities and lightweight handle. Tulles are still a very popular bridal trend and plain tulles are the most popular choice in the design of a wedding dress for maximum appeal. 

In solid tones and without embellishment, plain tulles create softness and romance, but above all of elegance. This fabric offers unique qualities that add volume and a 'swish' under or over the skirt, often evoking the world of princesses. Another advantage of plain tulles is the simplicity with which it is possible to combine it with other equally popular bridal fabrics such as embroidered lace. The addition of tulle can emphasize a part of the dress, highlight a silhouette, and overall give an ethereal and light dimension to a dress.


The most ingenious designers do not lack ideas for the use of this romantic and popular fabric. Generally speaking, tulles are excellent choices for making very successful visual overlays for wedding dresses. 

In short, tulle is a fabric whose main asset is versatility. And this versatility is even more marked for plain options. From bohemian wedding dresses that are enhanced with plain tulles, to chic dresses in a classic style that gain sophistication thanks to this fabric. Bridal Fabrics provides you with a comprehensive choice of tulles for the design of your short-sleeved or long-sleeved wedding dress, for the creation of various veils, and for all and any new ideas that you want to implement for your unique dresses.


We have many years of experience serving a diverse clientele that trusts us to provide high quality products.  We possess a passion for this industry that has driven our family business since its inception. We offer free plain tulle samples, fast deliveries for your orders, a stocked range and of course the option of returning products. Bridal Fabrics makes every effort to satisfy the designers and seamstresses/ sewing professionals of wedding dresses who choose it every day around the world. 

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