Ivory Tulle

Ivory Tulle

Tulles are a light weight and extremely fine netting fabric.  They are used for veiling and dressmaking.  We also offer stiffer options such as nets which are often starched to give them different degrees of stiffness or drape. All our products are in stock and ready to ship with no minimums and first rate customer service.  Tulles are commonly used for wedding veils, gowns, under or over layers for skirts and stiffer tulles or net for ballet tutus or costumes.  Our first two samples are supplied free of charge - please click on Order a Sample on each product page to order one.



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Tulle for Veils (295cm/116") – Climax
Sale price £12.00 / metre
Glitter Tulle (132cm/52") - Mission
Sale price £45.00 / metre
Dress Net (150cm/58") - Maestro
Sale price £10.00 / metre
Dress Net (150cm/58") - Fantasy
Sale price £12.00 / metre
Ivory Sequinned Tulle - Katja
Sale price £40.00 / metre
Glitter Tulle (300cm/119") – Enmity
Sale price £27.00 / metre
Ivory Medium Spot Tulle - Spice
Sale price £12.00 / metre
Stretch Tulle (150cm/59") - Success
Sale price £10.50 / metre
Ivory Sequinned Tulle - Graziella
Sale price £60.00 / metre
Flock Tulle - Fiesta
Sale price £39.00 / metre
Ivory Sequin Tulle – Animation
Sale price £60.00 / metre
Ivory Silk Tulle (370cms/145") - PhenomenonIvory Silk Tulle (370cms/145") - Phenomenon
Ivory Powernet - Orion
Sale price £12.00 / metre
Ivory Spotted Flock Tulle - Elevation
Sale price £21.00 / metre
Ivory EcoTulle (300cm/118") - Society
Sale price £18.00 / metre
Firm Tulle (300cm/118") - Bravery
Sale price £18.00 / metre
Ivory Net - Birdcage
Sale price £18.00 / metre
Ivory Pearl Tulle - Folly
Sale price £87.00 / metre
Graduated Glitter Tulle - Vegas
Sale price £60.00 / metre
Ivory Flock Tulle - Synergy
Sale price £48.00 / metre

Using a hexagon or triangle shaped weave, tulle can be made from various fibres, such as nylon, rayon or silk. We offer nylon and silk tulle in a range of colours. Originating from the city of tulle, southern France, back in the early 1700's, tulle became commonly used to accentuate a fuller skirt and provide a floaty look as it is much more lightweight than layers of fabric. If you would like to see these fabrics up close, order samples - your first two are free!


The process of creating an exceptional wedding dress often begins with the meticulous search for top quality fabrics. There are many options for fabrics open to dress designers and one of the most popular is tulle.  On this page you will find both lightweight tulle in  ivory and stiffer ivory net too. Both key components for the creation of wedding dresses.

Tulle is a particularly popular choice for wedding dresses because of its characteristics. It is composed of a network of meshes with polygonal or round shapes, and gives your wedding dress volume.  The extent of volume depends of both the layers of tulle and the stiffness/weight that you choose. If you are looking for a soft, bohemian look a few layers of soft, lightweight tulle is your best option or for a princess dress some stiff net may be required to create such a voluminous skirt.  Tulles can differ considerable in their texture and color so we do recommend that your order samples to appreciate the handle and color of each quality of tulle fabric.


The ivory tulle in this section is a popular choice for brides. Ivory offers a more gentle hue of off white that tends to sit well against the skin as opposed to stark white.  It is a color just as traditional as white in wedding dresses and there are now more choices in ivory than in white for bridal fabrics.


At Bridal Fabrics, we work to understand the needs of our wedding dress designers, and advise them when necessary. In the choice of tulle and other fabrics for both bridal and other sewing projects, our family business does not have minimum order requirements.

Our commitment to quality is key for us. As an online retailer we appreciate the need to see some fabrics more closely before making final choices, therefore we recommend ordering samples the first two of which are provided free.  Customer satisfaction is a key factor that has contributed over the decades to give our family business its reputation. Contact our team learn more about available stock or for expert advice on choosing your fabrics and embellishments.

Many dressmakers around the world trust Bridal Fabrics to ensure they have the most sought-after and up to date fabrics. Our delivery service, our availability and the care we put into selecting the products for our superlative range reassures thousands of loyal designers around the world.

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