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Glitter Tulle (132cm/52") - Mission
Sale price £45.00 / metre
Ivory Sequinned Tulle - Katja
Sale price £40.00 / metre
Glitter Tulle (300cm/119") – Enmity
Sale price £27.00 / metre
Ivory Sequinned Tulle - Graziella
Sale price £60.00 / metre
Flock Tulle - Fiesta
Sale price £39.00 / metre
Ivory Sequin Tulle – Animation
Sale price £60.00 / metre
Ivory Spotted Flock Tulle - Elevation
Sale price £21.00 / metre
Ivory Pearl Tulle - Folly
Sale price £87.00 / metre
Graduated Glitter Tulle - Vegas
Sale price £60.00 / metre
Glitter Tulle (300cm/118") - Magnetism
Sale price £48.00 / metre
Glitter Tulle (150cm/59") - Cavalry
Sale price £33.00 / metre
Ivory Flock Tulle - Synergy
Sale price £48.00 / metre
Glitter Tulle (300cm/118") - Bewitch
Sale price £33.00 / metre
Ivory Pearl Tulle - Sultan
Sale price £201.00 / metre
Ivory Pearl Embellished Tulle - Supremacy
Sale price £117.00 / metre
Ivory Pearl Embellished Tulle - Decadence
Sale price £117.00 / metre
Ivory Diamante Tulle - Profusion
Sale price £117.00 / metre
Glitter Tulle (150cm/59") - Florentine
Sale price £75.00 / metre
Couture Tulle with Spot - Select
Sale price £162.00 / metre
Ivory Flock Tulle - Valentine
Sale price £18.00 / metre
Ivory Flock Tulle - Tranquility
Sale price £18.00 / metre


Bridal Fabrics is a family business that strives to offer talented seamstresses the textiles and embellishments essential to the making of the most elegant wedding dresses. Our selections are chosen with the utmost care, for items that come from the best manufacturers around the world.

In this section, you can find different variants of one of the most popular fabrics when it comes to bridal dresses: Tulle. This textile is produced in a variety of models all as attractive as each other, with common characteristics that justify its success. The lightness, softness and transparency of the tulle remain highly appreciated distinguishing points. The tulle is made of fine and regular mesh, and the raw materials used range from wool to silk through cotton or linen. For vaporous dresses, airy or for the making of these veils that naturally evoke the world of marriage, tulle are fabrics that come in different colors, but not only. Here we present a lovely choice with a variety of different and remarkable embellishments.


 Bridal dresses represent one of the strongest symbols of the wedding ceremony, and of this important day. For the seamstresses, the challenge is to transform the bride into the undisputed queen of this event, respecting the preferences of the bride. Sequins, pearls and multiple shapes of diamonds are some of the most fashionable accessories and details today. The tulles embellished with this type of these inlays of different types are particularly suitable for creating modern and chic dresses. These small details make it possible to create resplendent haute couture dresses that naturally attract the admiring glances of all guests.

Sequin tulle fabrics or adorned with pearls or diamonds are very popular for good reason. These tulles make it possible to create sparkling dresses with accessories dancing in the light of this important day for the happy of the day. Sequins, pearls and diamonds also bring to the most beautiful wedding dresses a festive touch in addition to being real decorative assets. There is no need to overdo it with additional embellishments. Using creatively, fabrics such as tulle adorned with sequins or pearls are enough to bring the fantasy, colors and light that make a wedding dress unique.


Bridal Fabrics has a very good reputation with experienced seamstresses who source from us on a regular basis. We strive to remain the best through selections of textiles, embellishments and appliques that we put the greatest care to select. Our shop remains for you the safest appointment to find the trendy textiles or the most essential fabrics in the creation of modern wedding dresses.

For the question of orders to be placed, deliveries of your chosen items or our product return policy, Bridal Fabrics relies on simplicity. Our goal is to accompany you and help you make the best choices for unique creations. Our sample books and our gallery can also be useful if you find yourself spoiled for choice in relation to the orders to be placed. Take advantage of our free samples of fabrics or other items if necessary.

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