Appliques Supplied in Pairs

Appliques Supplied in Pairs

Lace Appliques are decorative motifs which are usually sewn to an existing fabric such as tulle or netting often with a matching lace or lace trim.  All products are in stock and ready to ship with no minimums and first rate customer service.  Supplied in symmetrical pairs or alternatively we offer a range of individual appliques supplied individually.

You can order a lace applique sample on each product page - we supply the first  two samples free of charge.



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Lace Appliques for sale in Pairs

Appliques provided in pairs are ornaments often used by top fashion designers to embellish and add a finishing touch to a wedding dress. Generally sewn onto an existing fabric such as net or tulle, they are very effective decorative patterns to offer elegance, majesty and underline all the refinement of the creations.

Are you looking for lace appliques that are both elegant and stylish?

Bridal Fabrics offers you its collection of fashion accessories to help you make beautiful dresses. Explore our wide range of ornaments and find an applique that perfectly matches your designs.

Bridal Fabrics offers lace appliques supplied in best quality pairs to wedding dress designers

As a professional fashion designer, to create elegant and beautiful fashion pieces, you need a first rate supplier. To meet your creative requirements, Bridal Fabrics has been committed for decades to offering you fashion accessories where quality remains the most important criterion. To achieve this, we select our lace appliques supplied in pairs from the most popular manufacturers from the world's most reputable manufacturers who surf on current fashion trends.

The quality of our beautiful garment embellishments is expressed in their strength and durability, in their visual rendering, but also in the remarkable finesse of the seams and textures. For many designers, Bridal Fabrics is the ideal ally to find the best items needed to make more original dresses in vintage, classic or modern style.

A wide variety of designs and colours for your creations

To give your various creations a touch of originality, our online store offers a wide range of lace appliques supplied in pairs. Like the fabric, the wedding dress ornaments we have can come in a huge variety of shapes ranging from the most visually striking to the most discreet. In just a few clicks, find the ideal appliques for your dresses.

Our accessories are inspired by many themes and are offered in a great variety of colours, namely; 



















 You can choose appliques supplied in pairs according to the existing embellishment on a dress or fabric : beaded, glittery, corded, 3D or crystallized. Whether it is to make vintage, classic or modern style wedding dresses, the appliques we put at your disposal can be easily adapted. We invite you to browse through our catalog and be sure to find the wedding dress accessories that will inspire you or express your creative talents.

Choose your Bridal Fabrics online store for your appliques supplied in pairs

Choosing your lace appliques supplied in pairs at Bridal Fabrics, gives you the assurance of benefiting from the personalized support of our team. Aware of the fact that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing, we provide you with sample books that will allow you to find the perfect accessory for your creative project.

On request, we also invite you to benefit from our first two samples, which are provided to you free of charge. By choosing to shop with us, you are guaranteed to receive items that are true to the images we present in our catalogue. At Bridal Fabrics, orders are delivered as soon as possible.

Count on attentive customer service, a great variety of items and our dynamism to express your creative passion. Explore our wide and extravagant range to discover how our fashion accessories can enhance the quality of your artwork and turn each of your projects into a success. Choose your lace appliques supplied in pairs and get the best value for money.

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