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Cotton Coutil
Sale price £18.00 / metre
Non Fusible Interlining - Congress
Sale price £18.00 / metre
Cotton Calico - Warwick
Sale price £12.00 / metre
Fusible Interlining - Diplomat
Sale price £18.00 / metre
Fusible Interlining - Viceroy
Sale price £12.00 / metre

These dress designer workroom essentials are easily added to your cart and are available in a range of base colours for garment making. Our first two samples are supplied free of charge - please click on request sample on each product page to order one.


If you need to line a dress or garment, either because the outer fabric is too sheer or transparent or to ensure a bride's legs are not irritated by net, you can use one of our many linings to do this.  Also suitable for lining jackets and boleros as well as dresses, browse our collection and choose samples to order to feel the fabric for yourself.  

Some garments require some hidden support and this collection is to ensure a dress looks great on the outside because it is structured well on the inside.  Whether you are searching for coutil for bodice making or calico for toile construction, you'll find options here.  Order with your other items to consolidate your deliveries and never run out of those essential fabrics should always be on the shelf.  

At Bridal Fabrics, find a wide choice of quality interlining to create clothes that are cared for in every detail. Our products come from all over the world. You can choose the thickness, length, composition and color by using the filters to help you with your selection.  We also offer an excellent sample service do feel the fabrics before making a purchase.  The first two fabric samples are free. 


We offer several thermo-adhesive or non-thermo-adhesive interlinings that are very simple to use. When they are heated, the adhesive provides a sticky base that reacts to the iron. It is necessary to distinguish the non-thermo sticking coatings that must be sewn to your fabric to give it thickness. However, you will need to be careful in choosing these products and use it only with compatible textiles. For example, thermo-adhesive coating is not suitable for velvet, because this material does not tolerate too high temperatures.

In heat-adhesive fusible interlinings a synthetic polymer coating quickly sticks to the fabric and holds well in place after fixation. A non-fusible interlining is sewn on to the fabric and is usually used to add structure to a fabric.

Check out Diplomat , Monarch and Viceroy for your fusible interlining needs.

If you are looking for  powernet to use in the construction of your garment we have in our collection Orion, an ivory powernet with two way stretch and a sturdy body tulle called Tolerance that is a great alternative to Orion in a nude colour too.  We also stock in our tulle section and illusion tulle called Illusionary available in nude ivory, white, cream and black.

In order to make it easier for you to make a selection we are happy to send you fabric samples of these qualities, easy to order on each product page. 

A wide range of interlinings available from Bridal Fabrics

Our mission is to support fashion designers in the expression of their creativity. That's why we offer a whole collection of interlinings. On the one hand, interlinings come in two heat-adhesive fabric or non-heat-adhesive. The choice of one or the other depends on which fabric you intend to use in the design of the wedding dress.

For example, velvet tolerates sewing rather than heat. A non-iron-on interlining is preferred in this case to preserve the integrity of the textile. On the other hand, a heat-compatible fabric can be lined with a heat-adhesive interfacing. On the other hand, you can choose our products according to their texture, color, etc.

Monarch fabric: made of very fine cotton for a lightweight lining and is applied using heat. 

Diplomat interlining offers flexible use for the creation of unique pieces. You can have it in white or black;

Viceroy interfacing: a fine fabric suitable for sewing a wedding dress with design;

Warwick calico: thin and woven in cotton, this textile provides a comfortable lining.

These fabrics reflect only a part of our wide range of linings.

With our online service: receive your textiles anywhere in the World

Bridal Fabrics offers you a range of classic and modern fabrics so that you can give the bride a chic and comfortable dress. Designing a wedding outfit remains a tricky task, even for the most creative. As you shape the style of dress, we provide you with the trendiest products.

In addition, we facilitate access to the linings and various sewing accessories. All you have to do is visit our online store to discover and order the items you are interested in. Indeed, a description informs you about each type of textile. Use the selection filters (thickness, color, length) to easily identify the interfacing of your choice.

To give you more confidence, we will provide you with samples. Please note that the first two copies of lining fabrics are free. Our customer service will give you the necessary information if you would like to receive more. Bridal Fabrics also takes care of the fast and secure delivery of your orders. 

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