Tri-Acetate Fabrics

Tri-Acetate Fabrics

A lovely range of Tri-Acetate fabrics all of which are made from sustainable wood pulp in Europe.   Available in a range of bridal colours, this is a fabric choice for an eco conscious bride. The tri-acetate fabrics have a wonderful drape and handle. They tend to have a heavy drape and offer a really luxurious finish, combined with their eco credentials makes them a popular choice. All products are in stock and ready to ship with no minimums and first rate customer service.  

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Creating exceptional wedding dresses is above all about choosing fabrics that suit the ideas and vision you have for your dress but also that reflect the personality and consciousness of the dressmaker and/or bride.  This range of tri-acetate fabrics are becoming extremely popular because they allow for the expression of a very luxurious wedding dress and the eco consciousness of the impact on our planet. This combination, for so many brides, is a primary factor in the choice of their wedding dress fabric and sustainability represents a huge part of the decision making.  For wedding dress designers, we offer a range of eco fabrics including these sustainable tri-acetate fabrics.  Though the manufacturing process is complex, we can assure that these are quality fabrics with a beautiful finish.

Bridal Fabrics offers in this category tri-acetate fabrics that comes from recognized manufacturers. The range of tri-acetate fabrics that we invite you to discover here is made from an ecological and sustainable material: wood pulp from FSC approved forests.  This raw material allows the manufacture of textiles in a sustainable way. The tri-acetate fabric can, as for all fabrics, be combined with lace, tulle, trim and applique to create a chic and elegant wedding dress. 


Tri-acetate fabric is particularly appreciated for making wedding dresses because of its drape and similarity to silk. It is also called artificial silk. This fabric retains its beautiful drapery even after washing. It is made of cellulose with very good heat resistance.

Tri-acetate fabric is characterized by an extremely soft and silky handle, hence its comparison to silk. The fibers of the tri-acetate fabric for wedding dresses are lustrous and silky. Some designers choose this textile to highlight the ecological dimension of tri-acetate fabric for wedding dresses but overall, for a wedding dress, its aesthetic qualities really stand out. We recommend you order samples to feel the fabrics and especially the weight for yourself.


Bridal Fabrics is a family business specializing for decades in the supply of textiles and other items necessary for the creation of wedding dresses. We have a team of experts that are ready to assist you in any way with help and advice to make your selection.

Apart from the tri-acetate textiles that you can find in this category, Bridal Fabrics offers you a wide variety of fabrics. We offer the best textiles for on trend dress designs, for the sewing of classic, bohemian, vintage or romantic high-end dresses. Our product return policy, our delivery conditions, or the free samples that are available to you on request. You can order a sample to test the softness and smoothness of this gorgeous wedding fabric.

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