Cotton Tulles

Cotton Tulles

Do you want to make comfortable wedding dresses with cotton tulle? Do you want your dresses to captivate attention? At Bridal Fabrics, our tulles with their softness, durability and superior quality are the ideal choice for the success of your creations. In addition, their variety of colors can bring even more sparkle to your creations.

Tulles made of cotton gives them a very soft feel and a light drape. All products are in stock and ready to ship, with no minimums and top-notch customer service. Tulles are commonly used for wedding veils, dresses, underlays, or overlays for skirts. Our first two samples are provided free of charge - please click Order Sample on each product page to order one.



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Ivory Cotton Tulle - Delight
Sale price £122.86 / metre
Navy Cotton Spot Tulle - Cleopatra
Sale price £88.20 / metre
Black Cotton Spot Tulle - Cleopatra
Sale price £88.20 / metre
Champagne Cotton Spot Tulle - Cleopatra
Sale price £88.20 / metre

Browse a collection of exceptional cotton tulle

As a professional wedding dress sewer, your creations must be of high quality and personalized according to the desires of each bride. Thus, the use of first-class materials and accessories becomes inevitable. So explore our fabric collection and turn your wedding dress confections into iconic creations.

 Our cotton tulles embody timeless elegance and softness. We choose them carefully for their impeccable finish as well as their ability to highlight the intricate details of the dress. So, with our high-quality tulle, you can take each of your creations to the next level while adding a touch of refinement.

 A wedding dress represents a symbol of love and a precious keepsake. To do this, the fabric to be used must remain resistant and our tulles are designed to withstand the test of time. This is because the premium cotton fibers used for our tulle stand firm in the face of wear and tear. In this way, each dress you have to make with our tulle will retain its original beauty even after many years.

 A natural fibre, cotton is known for its pleasant texture against the skin. We know how essential bridal comfort remains for you. That's why we offer comfortable tulle in our online shop. These offer a delicate touch that naturally caresses the skin and allows good freedom of movement.

Showcase your creativity with a variety of colors

Every bride deserves a unique dress that ideally reflects her personality. For example, for our cotton tulle, we offer a wide range of different styles and colours. From then on, it is possible to customize each of your creations to meet your customers' preferences. You can choose to use one of the following colors:



champagne ;


Our timeless patterns bring a dose of romance to your creations that captivates eyes and hearts. Delicate, our tulles made from cotton fibers also allow you to add a touch of modernity and chic to your creations. No matter what creative idea you have in mind, they transform your confections into an avant-garde work of art.

 Choosing Bridal Fabrics for Stunning Tailoring

If you step in as a professional wedding dress designer, your reputation is based in part on the quality of the products you use. By choosing Bridal Fabrics as your supplier of cotton tulle and sewing accessories, you can be sure to offer luxurious and elegant creations.

 Indeed, each roll of our product undergoes rigorous quality controls in order to guarantee an impeccable finish of your creations. Your satisfaction is really important to us and we make it a point of honor to offer the best materials for making wedding dresses.

 By ordering both tulle and lace appliques from us, you can easily satisfy your customers' personal goals or needs. Indeed, we have all the products you need to succeed in your creative project. Whether you're looking for a delicate texture or a specific color, our fabric collections and variety of colors are sure to come in handy.

Finally, throughout your purchase, you can contact our customer service to get answers to any questions you may have. Through our collection and products, bring your creative projects to life. Select now the accessories that will make each of your wedding dresses extraordinary.

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