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Satin Fabrics

We offer a diverse range silk satin fabrics silk satin fabrics are renowned for their lustrous appearance and fluid drape. At bridal fabrics we stock a range of silk satins including silk stretch satin, double faced satin, crepe backed satin, royal satin and duchess satin. They feel beautifully smooth on the skin and have long been regarded as a queen amongst dress fabrics. Order a sample to see for yourself. Our first two samples are supplied free of charge - please click on request sample on each product page to order one.



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For Bridesmaids
Polyester Satin (148cm/58") - Majestic (Lighter Shades)Polyester Satin (148cm/58") - Majestic (Lighter Shades)
For Bridesmaids
Polyester Satin (148cm/58") - Majestic (Darker Shades)Polyester Satin (148cm/58") - Majestic (Darker Shades)
Low Stock
Ivory Polyester Soft Satin Fabric (150cm/60") - KissIvory Polyester Soft Satin Fabric (150cm/60") - Kiss
Ivory Eco Satin (147cm/58") - Tarantino
Sale price £33.00 / metre
Polyester Satin (150cm/59") - Charity
Sale price £18.00 / metre
Polyester Satin (158cm/62") - Lady
Sale price £21.00 / metre
Silk Duchess Satin (137cm/54") - Royale
Sale price £117.00 / metre
Silk/Cotton Satin (115cm/45") - Drama
Sale price £84.00 / metre
Ivory Heavy Silk Satin (122cm/48") - Pomp
Sale price £201.00 / metre
Ivory Silk Blend Duchess Satin - Talent
Sale price £117.00 / metre
Peace Silk (108cm/43") - Sanctity
Sale price £150.00 / metre
Silk Charmeuse (140cm/55") - Hilarity
Sale price £129.00 / metre
White Embroidered Satin - Planet
Sale price £84.00 / metre

Supplier of satin fabrics for wedding dresses

Satin fabric has long been considered and remains today as an exceptional fabric. It lends itself very well to the making of bridal dresses because of the great elegance associated with it. At Bridal Fabrics,  we offer the best of this type of fabric for the creation of very modern dresses and in the most diverse designs. The diversity of fabric collections that we offer to wedding dress designers remains our strong point, and flagship textiles such as satin are particularly distinguished by the wide range of styles available. Crepe, satinette, or classic satin, stretchy satin, double satin, royal satin or duchess satin: There are many possibilities to meet your requirements, inspire you and allow you to fully express all your creativity as a seamstress. Bridal Fabrics also relies on keen pricing to allow you to acquire high quality at the right price for your high-end creations.

The benefits of satin for the creation of wedding dresses

During the making of bridal dresses, it is easy to appreciate the great ease with which it is possible to integrate different types of satin into the same dress.  Satin represents one of these textiles that is used often as the base fabric for wedding dresses. It is easy to work with but also looks really attractive. It is also possible to combine satin with other types of tissues, , in order to add to the drape and flow of the dress. 

For brides, this our range of fabrics with extreme softness on the skin is widely loved. Satin can be used to make special adornments, and its smooth and silky rendering immediately evokes the world of solemn and chic ceremonies. In a modern wedding dress, satin can also be used to make various accessories with finesse and elegance.

It is above all a silky fabric that offers a shine that adapts well to the requirements of designers looking for the right textiles for luxury dresses. All these characteristics justify that satin holds in good place among the most fashionable fabrics among those used by designers of exceptional wedding dresses.

Satin fabrics for which models of bridal dresses

Designers who choose satin as the main textile in the creation of a wedding dress highlight the singularity and confidence that this fabric inspires, for dresses that are simple but elegant. It is easy to create romantic dress designs when you choose to associate satin in a wedding dress with lace embellishments for example. Organza or tulle can also be used to add extra layers to your satin dress, or be used for the creation of bodice or skirts.

Choose quality textiles from Bridal Fabrics

Our shop supplies many wedding dress designers around the world. The texture and density of satin allow the creation of dresses that can be worn throughout the year. Satin can be used to make sexy, comfortable or very classic dresses, for creations that are always particularly photogenic.

Our shop sources from manufacturers all over the world, and we make the quality of our textiles an essential criterion. Bridals Fabrics is the right place to buy quality fabrics and easily find everything you need when it comes to bridal fabrics. We also do what is necessary to ensure your full satisfaction from the first click until receipt of your order. We invite you to contact us for precise answers on any questions you may have, or advice for your choices. Our family business accompanies you with all its experience for your dress design projects. In addition, place your orders without a minimum required in terms of quantity.

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