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Silk Fabrics

Silk is the ultimate fabric for a wedding dress and we aim to offer you every possible alternative, to allow you to make the gown of your dreams. From satin, chiffon, georgette, crepe, dupion, taffeta and many more we offer a multitude of different weights and weaves, all offering a choice of weight, handle and colour.  The majority of our products are in stock and ready to ship with no minimums and first rate customer service. 

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Silk Organza (137cm/54") - Evolution
Sale price £33.00 / metre
Silk Velvet (137cm/54") - Vogue
Sale price £87.00 / metre
Silk Satin Organza (114cm/45") - Charm
Sale price £39.00 / metre
Silk Dupion (112cm/44") – Cameo
Sale price £75.00 / metre
Silk Dupion (137cm/54") - Distinction
Sale price £75.00 / metre
Silk Taffeta (140cm/55") - Debutante
Sale price £39.00 / metre
Silk Duchess Satin (137cm/54") - Royale
Sale price £117.00 / metre
Silk Georgette (137cm/54") – Marquis
Sale price £75.00 / metre
Silk/Cotton Satin (115cm/45") - Drama
Sale price £84.00 / metre
Ivory Heavy Silk Satin (122cm/48") - Pomp
Sale price £201.00 / metre
Ivory Silk Blend Duchess Satin - Talent
Sale price £117.00 / metre
Silk Velvet (137cm/54") - Ruffle
Sale price £117.00 / metre
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Ivory Silk Fuji (112cm/44")- Generosity
Sale price £75.00 / metre
Silk Charmeuse (140cm/55") - Hilarity
Sale price £129.00 / metre


For seamstresses, sewing professionals and dress designers, the creation of a wedding dress involves the judicious choice of high quality fabric. Luxurious materials such as silk are the most prized for the beautiful finish that they offer.  Silk is also favoured because it is a breathable fabric so a good choice for destination weddings and any in a hot climate.   The finest plain silk fabrics can be chosen for equally beautiful and elegant dresses, with a wide variety of accessories available too. Wedding dresses today can be made in silk fabrics rich in colors, patterns, with rich and delicate finishes.  At Bridal Fabrics we offer an unparalleled collection of silk bridal fabrics from plains, to jacquard, cloque and printed options.


Silk remains a timeless classic that is revisited over the decades through increasingly attractive fabric styles and collections. It is a popular choice for the creation of modern wedding dresses. If you want to choose silk you don't need to consider only a plain, the alternatives available to you are numerous.  We offer a range of beautiful printed silks from Italy with gorgeous floral motifs printed over a silk base of satin, taffeta or organza.

We also offer a range of silk fabrics with texture, a current bridal trend.  These include Jacquard woven designs, Cloqué and Fil Coupé.  These are proving very popular and we recommend you order a sample to appreciate the quality of each fabric for yourself.

Silk Chiffon is appreciated for its finesse and transparent qualities. Unlike organza for example, the chiffon will make a particularly drapey and fluid dress.  The feel of the fabric is silky, and its softness is noticeable both to the touch and by the characteristic smooth visual look.

Silk taffeta is quite similar to satin visually. The dresses created with this material will nevertheless have a different texture from that of satin, due to the multiplicity of threads used for its manufacture. The plain silk taffeta will give volume to your wedding dresses, and easily inflate shapes.

Silk crepe is appreciated for its fluid appearance and majestic fall. This fabric is indeed relatively heavy despite its flexible and fluid appearance. Made of silk, the crepe retains its characteristic wavy appearance, and the solid tones make it possible to make elegant dresses that are easily accessorized with many finishes. We offer a stunning sandwashed crepe in a range of colours called Tantalise which really is a luxurious choice.

Bridal Fabrics also offers plain silk Georgette, dupion or satin. Our team is at your disposal to provide any advice. Colors ranging from the brightest to the lightest hue, sandblasted finishes, hammered or striped finishes, are all options for your creative needs. We offer free samples to help you make the best decision by handling and colour checking the fabrics for yourself.

Bridal Fabrics does not require any minimum for your orders. The items available in stock can therefore be shipped to you quickly and easily worldwide.


Bridal Fabrics is the chosen fabric supplier for many dress designers and sewing professionals who are particularly committed to quality fabrics, designs, and accessories used to create tailor-made dresses. Our shop imports its items from countries such as France, Italy, India, Japan, Turkey and the Far East. 

Manufacturers in partnership with Bridal Fabrics are at the forefront of trends and fashion internationally. We are also committed to the quality of the products that you can find on our pages. Our fabrics are among the most used in the world of haute couture, for the manufacture of exclusive, chic, and original wedding dresses.

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