• Beautiful Silk Fabrics Available with No Minimums

    Here at Bridal Fabrics, we've a wonderland of lace and fabrics including an extensive collection of beautiful silk fabrics that we sell by the cut length.  This means you only need to buy as much as you need so you are not paying for fabric you won't be using because of having to buy a minimum quantity. 
    We're also confident that you'll fall in love with the quality of the silks we have on offer from sumptuous satins, magical mikados and drapey crepes to light weight chiffons, georgette and organza. 
    Whatever you are looking for we recommend you order a few samples first so you know the handle and the colour is right be for you order.  That's why we encourage sampling by offering your first two samples for free!
    Check out our full range of silks by clicking here or browse a few choices below.
  • Happy 4th July! Stars and Stripes to celebrate Independence Day

    Happy 4th July! Stars and Stripes to celebrate Independence Day.  We pick out a selection of fabrics with stars and stripes as a nod the the American Flag and the celebration that is Independence Day in support of our US friends...

  • Why should you buy your lace from Bridal Fabrics?

    Reasons why you should use to supply your wedding laces.

    We offer a huge range of exciting and dramatic designs, all from stock with world wide shipping and no minimum order quantities. 



  • Guiliana Ivory Bridal Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress

  • Contemporary Bride Style - Modern Bridal Lace Fabric Designs that are on Trend

    En vogue, on trend, in fashion - whatever the phrase, who doesn't want to look modern and chic on their wedding day.  For the contemporary bride, here we showcase a range of bridal lace designs that are hot right now!  Get your creativity juices flowing and design an in vogue wedding dress using these fabulous lace designs...
  • Stretch Fabrics

    It’s no secret that sewing with stretchy fabric can be somewhat of a challenge but stretch is a staple of any wardrobe.  For dancewear, bodycon or any garment where you want to feel confident with movement.  When sewing stretch fabrics, take your time, make sure all the fabric is laid out on a flat surface.  Use weights to keep the fabric in place and keep pins inside the seam allowance and don't forget to use the right kind of thread (not cotton thread as it will snap) for your fabric and the right size needle too.
    Here at Bridal Fabrics we have a choice of stretch fabrics from satins, to tulle and lace too.  Check out this stretch fabric selection....
  • Lace Trim to Edge a Veil

    Whichever length of veil you choose there are options to edge the tulle with a pretty trim.  From deep trims, eco trims, beaded trims to delicate narrow Chantilly trims, Bridal Fabrics stock a fantastic range.  To view the full range click here or browse through a small selection of some of our most popular trims below. You can order a sample on each product page and the first two are free! 
  • Black Lace

    With a secure movement towards individuality and the freedom of expression, alternatives to the traditional wedding dress are in abundance with a definitive leaning towards black lace for the alternative bride.  If you're looking for something special and beautiful in black, here are just some of the choices available to you from Bridal Fabrics.
  • Recycled Fabrics

    We continue to add to our superlative range of eco fabrics, many of which are made from recycled yarn that is derived from recycled plastic bottles.  It's a sustainable option for brides and dressmakers to choose products that satisfy an eco conscience and these fabrics look and feel beautiful too.
  • Bridgerton Brides

    Anyone not under a rock has caught the excitement around the period Netflix drama Bridgerton.  Most of us have spent lockdown binge watching Netflix and Bridgerton was the diamond of the season with over 82 million viewers. Of course, Daphne's exquisite cap sleeves, square necklines and corsets feature strongly in the latest bridal collections.  At Bridal Fabrics we've been thrilled and privileged to supply the second season of the hit show but we're keeping the details firmly under wraps.  Here we select some divine fabrics and lace to help you create the regency bridal vibe you desire.
  • Chantilly Lace

    Chantilly lace is a very fine and delicate lace with a soft handle. Perfectly chic, the luxuriousness and diversity of this lace fabric makes it a great couture choice and becoming for the boho bride.
  • Pink lace fabric in sewing

    Lace is a fabric adored for its elegance and refinement. Featuring openwork patterns, lace is famous for bringing a sophisticated touch to designs....
  • All about soft tulle

    Tulle is a lightweight fabric formed by a continuous network of round or polygonal meshes. Transparent and vaporous, tulle is made from cotton, woo...
  • Chantilly lace by the meter

    Lace is a noble embroidered or knitted fabric. Already present in the Middle Ages, this high-end material has crossed the ages. It is one of the ti...
  • Information, tips and tricks to better understand and use lace

    Lace is a versatile decorative fabric made of cotton, silk thread or linen that is said to have originated as long as five hundred years ago in the...
  • Gorgeous Glitter Tulle Fabrics

    Who doesn't love a bit of glitter? In fact, who doesn't love a LOT of glitter?! Tulle is a versatile and flexible fabric offering infinite possibilities to designers and brides: when that tulle has added glitter, it becomes even more exciting. In this edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog, we will be showcasing six fabulous styles of bridal tulle, all of which have been glitterised to glorious effect.
  • Premium Dusky Pink Lace

    Pink lace has always held its own appeal and we are delighted to have enhanced out unrivalled superlative range of gorgeous dusky pink lace.  In stock and ready to ship worldwide, this phenomenal choice is en vogue and available without minimum.
    For the alternative bride who wants a pink palette for her wedding or the mother of the bride or bridesmaids, pink has always been a prominent shade for weddings.  At the forefront of bridal trends, here at Bridal Fabrics we are constantly adding to our phenomenal range to ensure the very best for our customers.  We are delighted with the new addition so please browse and make sure you order lace fabric samples online - the first two are free.  
  • Eco Fabrics for the Eco Bride

    At Bridal Fabrics we are delighted to be able to offer a fabulous range of 'eco' fabric choices for the environmentally conscious bride.  From fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles to organic lace and a range of options in between, be enchanted by these earth friendly gems...
  • The City Bride Edit

    Being a city bride is synonymous with cutting edge fashion, city chic and leading the way in terms of bridal trends.  In this edit, we explore mode...
  • Beaded Opulence!

    In this edition of the Bridal Fabrics Blog we're indulging in beautiful beaded lace, the more extravagant and ostentatious the better!  These lace designs epitomise wedding dress luxury and are for the couture client.  Be mesmerised by these lavishly embellished lace fabrics...
  • Buy the best quality tulle fabric per meter

    Do you want to make your dress more voluminous and embellish it with a light and elegant fabric? The tulle is widely used in weddings and decoratio...
  • Buy a beautiful best quality black lace

    Lace is a fabric style that is appreciated for its certain aesthetic qualities and timelessness. To offer ever more refinement, distinction, luxury...
  • Choose your cotton lace to make all your dresses

    Timeless and resolutely elegant, lace is an openwork, very light fabric with particularly fine mesh that forms decorative patterns. Lace can be mad...
  • Buy online white lace

    Pure white is the perfect wedding dress color. A white lace fabric potrays more purity, timelessness, and elegance in your garment. At Bridal Fabri...