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A White Wedding

Choose Wonderful White Lace Fabric for Your Big Day.

Before Queen Victoria wore white at her wedding to Prince Albert, white was rarely, if ever, used as a color for a bridal gown. Today, the exact opposite is true, with white being rivaled only by ivory as the favored choice of color. White lace is currently big news once again on the bridal couture scene so check out these upcoming trends...


White 3D Flower Lace Fabric

Floral details have always been a popular choice for a divine wedding gown; this has become even more true with the increasing number of boho weddings taking place around the world. 3D flowers bring excitement and drama to any bridal dress, creating a luxurious and totally-feminine aesthetic that we think looks best in pure, clean white. Check out our website to discover several white 3D flower lace fabric styles available.


It's All About Kate

Though Meghan Markle may be the most recent high profile royal bride, it's Kate Middleton's wedding gown that is still setting the standard for many bridalwear designers. Designed by fashion guru Alexander McQueen, the iconic dress featured a super-long train, Victorian-inspired bustle and stunning floral motif detail. The gown used several styles of lace in its construction, including the aptly-named Kate Chantilly lace which you can purchase right here on our website.


Beautiful White Beaded Lace Designs

Richly embellished, white beaded lace designs are enchanting.  Offering a combination of luxury and sparkle, they are a mesmerizing combination. Consider our range of white beaded lace options and take advantage of our first rate sample service. 

Color Contrasts

The unique details of some lace fabric styles can be too subtle for some aesthetic tastes and an instant, impressive solution to this is to add a contrast-color lining. Use almost any color of lining for dramatic results or, if you prefer a sheer look, choose a nude-colour lace fabric.


Check out the website to discover our collection of white lace fabric. Enjoy!

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