Exclusive Crystalised Motifs Adorned with Beads and Diamantes

Exclusive Crystalised Motifs Adorned with Beads and Diamantes

Add the finishing touch to any garment or accessory with illuminating motifs and appliques.
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Used to add the perfect finishing touch to a wedding dress, these eye-catching embellishments are lovingly designed before being manufactured to highly-exacting standards. Highly-embellished motifs have enjoyed a surge in popularity as well-known designers continue to use them not only on bridal gowns but also on handbags, shoes, jewellery and other accessories.
One of our most beautiful crystal motifs ever, Viola is guaranteed to turn even the most simple bridal gown into a stunning work of art. An engaging motif made of pearls, diamantes and beading to create a very beautiful adornment for the neckline of any dress, whether it be bridal, prom or evening wear, presented on easy-to-sew tulle fabric.
Eros is another stunning crystal motif, comprising an abstract butterfly shape formed from a variety of diamantes and bead work. At 9.5cm x 11.5cm, this large and highly-embellished motif is perfect for a bride who wants to really create a splash. Sequins add a touch of playfulness as they catch the light while delicate pearls give a vintage appeal.
Daphne is a stylish crystal embroidery, supplied individually, and specifically created for the bridal market. Measuring 28 cm (11") x 13.5 cm (5.5"), the designer has used 2 large diamantes (1.5cm (0.5") across) as the focal point of the 2 flowers and then a succession of other gems, sequins and both round and tubular beads to form a beautiful result.
You will be mesmerized by the sparkle and shine of the diamantes and beads beads on StargazerMeasuring 10 cm (4") x 8.5 cm (3.3"), this hand embroidered Indian motif will look fantastic on a wedding dress to give it that bit of extra sparkle. It could be used either on the belt or on the shoulders of a gown.
These sumptuous products are just some of our ever popular crystal motifs, which are all named after mythical Greek and Roman Goddesses in testament to their uniquely powerful beauty. Please enjoy browsing the full range.
Bridal Fabrics are proud to be one of the most diverse bridal fabric suppliers in the UK and we will continue to add to our range in order to bring the widest possible choice to our customers.
For more information on our superior-quality bridal fabrics, please contact our expert team on 01254 700117 or by email info@bridalfabrics.com

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