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Habotai Fabrics

Silk habotai is a lightweight, glossy silk fabric that is often used in garment making as a lining fabric. The use of silk as a lining makes the garment more comfortable in terms of breathability and the smooth finish allows the garment to slip on and off gracefully. We recommend a silk lining for warmer climates because of its absorption and breathability qualities.  All products are in stock and ready to ship with no minimums and first rate customer service.  Our first two samples are supplied free of charge - please click on Order a Sample on each product page to order one.



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Habotai when used as a lining does not add bulk but will add a slight amount of body and weight, whilst allowing the garment to remain soft and fluid. We offer a variety of different weights and widths.   Our most popular silk Habotai is a lightweight ivory lining called Celebration available in ivory and white.  We also stock Panache and Mosaic which boast a huge range of colours. We also offer a slightly heavier weight option, Allure, and a silk and cotton blend lining called Genteel.  


There are many benefits to using a Habotai silk for your wedding dress or sewing project.  Firstly, its aesthetic qualities of being soft, smooth and very lightweight.  As a natural fiber, silk Habotai is also a breathable and absorbent fabric so makes an excellent choice as a lining fabric for dresses worn in hot climates or the summer months.  If you are concerned about perspiration, perhaps a reception venue with no air conditioning in the summer months, then we recommend a silk Habotai lining.

Used for luxury nightwear too, the soft silky feeling against your skin ensures that this is both an indulgent and comfortable choice.  In addition to the bridal colors of ivory and white, we also offer an excellent color range of silk fabric in the quality called Mosaic.  Whatever your sewing project from wedding dress to slip dress, in white, chocolate or fuchsia pink, we have a superlative range of fabrics to offer you.


At Bridal Fabrics, we appreciate the need to see and feel a fabric before making a purchase.  As an online retailer we do our best to make the purchasing process as simple and easy as possible for you.  Firstly, we use photos AND videos so you are able to see the fabrics move and drape, evaluating weight and movement. We also have an excellent fabric sample service, the first two samples are free and this can easily be added to your basket from each product page.

When you have made a selection from our collection it's easy to order online, just clicking the arrow to change the amount you would like to purchase on the product page.  You may only need one meter or one yard which is absolutely fine as we have no minimums - buy only as much as you need, If you need quantities less than a metre, simply get in touch.

We source our fabrics from all over the world to ensure that we bring an unparalleled range of quality fabric choices for your wedding dress or sewing project. 

To learn about more about the different products in our range, please get in touch with our team of experts whoill be very happy to help. If you would like to know levels of
 available in stock, details on width or prices have a look on each product page or call or email us directly.

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