Feather Embellished Laces for Bridal Wear

Feather Embellished Laces for Bridal Wear

Are you looking for fabrics that are out of the ordinary to make unique and refined wedding dresses? Feathered Lace is an enchanting choice to give each of your creations a touch of airy grace and originality. Our carefully curated collection of feathered laces offers you a variety of colors, styles, and textures to create elegant and unique wedding dresses.

A range of laces decorated with feathers for bridal wear with a diverse range of designs for the modern bride.  All products are in stock and ready to ship with no minimums and first rate customer service.




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Ivory Feather Lace - Azzurra
Sale price £126.00 / metre
Ivory Feather Tulle - Fabiana
Sale price £201.00 / metre
Ivory Feather Lace - Guadeloupe
Sale price £210.00 / metre
Ivory Feather Lace - Ludmilla
Sale price £162.00 / metre
Ivory Feather Tulle - LynchIvory Feather Tulle - Lynch
Ivory Feather Tulle - Lynch
Sale price £470.00 / metre
Ivory Wedding Lace - Gina
Sale price £129.00 / metre
Ivory Beaded Lace - Amaranta
Sale price £117.00 / metre
Ivory Embroidered Lace - Jessamine
Sale price £126.00 / metre
Ivory Feather Lace - Chandler
Sale price £126.00 / metre
Ivory Pleated Feather Lace - Jules
Sale price £216.00 / metre
Ivory Feather Lace - Deor
Sale price £162.00 / metre
Ivory Feather Lace - Judy
Sale price £150.00 / metre
Ivory Feather Lace - Euphoria
Sale price £162.00 / metre
White Flower Lace with Beading - Nikita
Sale price £126.00 / metre
Ivory Feather Lace - Nikita
Sale price £126.00 / metre

Supplier of feathered laces to create wedding dresses

The greatest designers in the world of fashion have over time created flagship outfits with textures adorned with various feathers. And for wedding dress designers, this trend is also very interesting when you want to highlight a certain originality. Textiles decorated with feather are interesting choices to inspire softness and lightness, for renderings that always remain remarkable. We propose you to create with our textiles with very varied patterns dresses that will hardly go unnoticed.

The association of fabrics and feathers in the making of modern bridal dresses leads to sometimes dazzling compositions, and sometimes very far from the extravagant renderings that we imagine correspond to this type of fabric. Feathers undeniably give an exclusive stamp to the outfits they dress, and bring character, uniqueness and style. Whether they take the appearance of a simple down carpet flush with the finest materials, or whether they are feathers or feathers evenly distributed on the surface of the chosen fabrics, the designers are sure to end up with works that are always astonishing in beauty.

Singular elements in the making of dresses

Feathers seduce and attract attention on red carpets as well as at weddings. The reason is simple: designers can truly excel with these particular textiles that have a unique visual appeal. In a wedding dress, it is usually a question of finding a judicious balance by dressing all kinds of compositions with subtlety. To highlight feathered fabrics, the challenge is always not to overdo it. A wedding dress adorned with these details is in any case always an invitation to magic and wonder. The great designers only have to show moderation to magnify the most exceptional dresses, for the pleasure of future brides.

You should know that the colors, shapes, but also the origin of the feathers that decorate and dress these textiles can vary. Multiple attachment techniques are also used to manufacture these particular fabrics in a way that gives them the expected strength and aesthetics. Bridal Fabrics chooses for you fabrics that are acclaimed worldwide by renowned couturiers and seamstresses.

Come to Bridal Fabrics for a range of quality feather laces

The feathered laces that you can discover in our shop highlight the great diversity of textiles that we strive to make available to designers who place their trust in us. It's quite simple: all the fabrics likely to participate in the making of high-end wedding dresses can be found at Bridal Fabrics. Feathers have returned to the forefront in recent years, as evidenced by the prestigious evening dresses, skirts and other outfits made by the great tailors in fashion magazines. In the world of wedding dresses too, feathers find their place perfectly and come to participate in creating trendy and chic dresses, in association with our range of different fabrics and embellishments.

Bridal Fabrics ships you worldwide the products available in our stocks. To stay informed of future arrivals or to learn more about items already ready to be shipped, please contact us immediately.


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