Eco Fabrics for Wedding Dresses

Eco Fabrics for Wedding Dresses

Since 2020, we have been carefully choosing "Eco" or Sustainable fabrics to add to our range of fabrics. 

Increasingly we have found that brides are more environmentally aware and so we have added a variety of fabrics, that use either recycled yarn or use non - oil based raw materials.  These are a more sustainable option for an eco conscious bride and are beautiful. With a range of eco fabrics on offer from satins, mikados, organza, taffeta, tulle, faille and eco crepe fabrics there are plenty to choose from.   Where stipulated we have certification for FSC and GOTS.



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Most of the recycled fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles turned into yarn and mixed with some virgin yarn.  Should you require any further specific information about the sustainability or eco credentials of our fabrics please get in touch. 

Eco-responsible fabrics for haute couture dresses

In a context where our choices for the protection of the environment are expressed more than ever in the details of our daily lives, events such as a weddings are for many an opportunity to show some consistency. Choosing a wedding dress is not to be left to chance, and dressmakers have now understood this. More and more wedding dress designers are offering their clients dresses designed in eco-friendly fabrics.

What is and eco fabric?

In this category, Bridal Fabrics highlights the many ways that our varied range of fabrics can be used to meet the specific requirements of brides. These eco fabrics come from production processes that meet strict criteria. Textiles, for example, are made with recycled yarns. The seamstresses can thus give a new life to these threads which have already been used or which come from recycling (in many cases from recycled plastic bottles). An eco fabric can also be recognized by the raw materials used for its manufacture. The raw materials are chosen in particular for the absence of petroleum or toxic substances.  For example, our tri-acetates are made using wood fibre by products of forestry from FSC approved forests transformed into yarn.

A desire for eco and sustainable fabrics

Bridal Fabrics offers a wide variety of textiles for wedding dress designers. You should know that ecological textiles can be similar to conventional textiles in all respects, the only difference being the lower environmental impact that their use or manufacture provides.  In many cases eco fabrics, especially the tri-acetates offer a weight and drape that is favoured by many dress designers.  Choosing an eco fabric to create an original wedding dress is a logical choice for an environmentally conscious brie or dress designer. In addition, these materials, which are just as easy to work with as the most  fabrics, are as beautiful and luxurious as the next.

Among these gorgeous or ecological fabrics, you can notably find organza, silk, various crepes, polyester or satin. Whether textiles in natural fibres, silk, wool or polyester, it always makes sense to focus on quality. If you are looking for fabrics to present to your customers for unique dresses that will have the added advantage of an eco-responsible dimension, you have come to the right place here. 

Why choose Bridal Fabrics?

The most demanding designers choose Bridal Fabrics because of the diversity and quality of fabrics offered on our pages. Our shop has decades of experience supplying textiles from around the world. Regarding the trend for eco fabrics, we are also at the forefront, with a diversified offer which also includes lace.

Our customer service is available to inform and support so please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries. For these fabrics as for all our products, you can take advantage of free samples to reassure you about the quality offered. Bridal Fabrics has long built its reputation on the quality of its products, but our prices are also attractive. 

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