Dress Fabrics Online for the Eco Bride

Dress Fabrics Online for the Eco Bride

We offer a superb range of eco friendly and sustainable fabrics
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Protecting our delicate environment is the responsibility of everyone and just a few small, simple lifestyle changes can make all the difference. At Bridal Fabrics, we offer an ever-growing range of eco fabrics, designed for creating wedding garments to be worn by the environmentally-minded bride and her bridesmaids. Check out this edition of our blog, in which we showcase five of our fabulous eco fabrics...

Territory: Eco Crepe

Territory is a wonderful crepe wedding fabric which is crafted using a sustainable, environmentally-friendly blend of viscose and acetate. The viscose, certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) is made using what is known as 'linters of cotton', which comprises the waste from cotton spinning that would usually be discarded. The acetate comes with an official Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) declaration to prove that it has been produced in a way that protects precious forests and woods. Territory is the perfect choice for the bride who wants a magnificent eco wedding dress

Momentum: Eco Organza

When you experience the iconic organza handle of this luxurious ivory fabric, you'll find it difficult to believe that it is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles! Weighing a feather-light 50 grams per square metre (gsm), Momentum is a delightfully-delicate eco textile with infinite possibilities. 

Ensconce: Eco Soft Mikado

Ensconce yourself in the tactile pleasures of this breathtaking material, which is one of our softest online fabrics. Lovingly made in Italy using recycled polyester yarn, Ensconce weighs just 140gsm and boasts a truly superb handle.

Secret: Eco Duchess Satin

Another Italian eco fabric made using recycled polyester yarn, Secret is guaranteed to impress. The material, which measures 140cm in width and weighs 175gsm, has a beautiful and superlatively-crisp handle. 

Disguise: Eco Mikado

Exclusively available in Ivory, Disguise has a classic mikado weave and is made using 75% recycled polyester. Though it has a super-soft feel, this eco fabric is ideal for creating structured wedding gowns. 

Liberty: Tri-Acetate Satin

Tri-acetate is an environmentally-friendly material that is made using chemically-treated wood fibres that have been sustainably-sourced. Weighing in at 312 grams per linear metre, Liberty is available in Ivory, White, Pink, Silver and Champagne colour options. 

There are many more eco textiles to discover on our website so browse now and don't forget that you can order any two samples absolutely free with compliments of Bridal Fabrics!

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