The Most Intricate Lace for a Wedding Dress

If you are looking for an intricate lace design for your bridal gown then there is an option that really stands out: Guipure lace.  Because of the nature of the creation of this type of lace the design needs to be a series of interconnecting motifs.  Therefore, beautiful and intricate designs have been created that connect across the full width of the lace.

Guipure lace is made by a series of closely packed embroidery stitches, which are applied onto a fine fabric that disintegrates in the finishing process. This means that the backing fabric cannot be seen in the finished article as with our other types of lace.  This is very appealing for many brides who want the design to stand out.

The choice of celebrities such as Nicky Hilton and Pippa Middleton, Guipure lace has a longstanding affiliation with luxury bridal.  Also known as Venetian lace, many of the designs are inspired by flowers but there are also many geometric designs as the interconnecting motifs suit these patterns.  Be it for the bodice, sleeves or a full length wedding gown, Guipure is a go to lace that oozes appeal.

Our Recommendations

Consider these top three lace designs when making your selection: Gretel, a design that features alternating bands of geometric shapes and flowers alternating across the width. Felipa lace features interconnecting arcs, merging art deco and modernism. Consider a lace composed of a series of flowers that are connected by an intricate web of swirls, Lucy is a superb choice.

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