The Most Intricate Lace for a Wedding Dress

The Most Intricate Lace for a Wedding Dress

If you are looking for an intricate lace design for your bridal gown then there is an option that really stands out: Guipure lace.  Because of the nature of the creation of this type of lace the design needs to be a series of interconnecting motifs.  Therefore, beautiful and intricate designs have been created that connect across the full width of the lace.
Guipure lace is made by a series of closely packed embroidery stitches, which are applied onto a fine fabric that disintegrates in the finishing process. This means that the backing fabric cannot be seen in the finished article as with our other types of lace.  This is very appealing for many brides who want the design to stand out. Without a lining fabric on the arms and back for example, it also allows the skin to show through the lace and really help the pattern to stand out.  This can also be achieved with a contrast base colour under the lace. 
The choice of celebrities such as Nicky Hilton and Pippa Middleton, Guipure lace has a longstanding affiliation with luxury bridal.  Also known as Venetian lace, many of the designs are inspired by flowers but there are also many geometric designs as the interconnecting motifs suit these patterns.  Be it for the bodice, sleeves or a full length wedding gown, Guipure is a go to lace that oozes appeal.
Our Recommendations
Consider these top lace designs when making your selection: 
Felipa lace features interconnecting arcs, merging art deco and modernism. For those brides who do not want a floral themed lace fabric, Felipa is a super choice.  With interconnecting arcs, this design merges art deco and modernism.  As a Guipure lace it has no tulle base and the design is made up of interconnecting motifs.  The edges are scalloped and add yet more gorgeous detail to this fabulous lace. For a boho bride this lace fits the bill too. Felipa bridal lace fabric measures 130 cm (51") wide.  It is best appreciated in the flesh, so don't hesitate to order a sample. 
ivory arc design Guipure lace
Vita  is a very tasteful ivory guipure style. Measuring 125 cm (49") from edge to edge, it features an all over pattern of flowers which measure 6 cm (2.3") across. Every so often, the lace is embellished with a extra flower that is raised and sits on top of the lace, which measures 4 cm (1.5") and this gives it a little 3 dimensionality. Both edges match each other. Wonderful and elegant, this is a lovely bridal fabric. 
Consider a lace composed of a series of flowers that are connected by an intricate web of swirls, Lucy is a superb choice.  A stylish Guipure lace with an all over design on a silver metallic filigree webbed ground. Both edges have an identical floral theme and are finely corded and embroidered, whilst a small metallic cluster is an eye catching ground feature. The identical borders are irregularly scalloped and finished with a heavy cording.  This is an exciting and stunning design with features that set it apart from all other Guipure designs. It is available in ivory and white and measures 132 cm (52") wide.
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