Wedding Lace with Pearls: Pure Sophistication

Pearls add such a classic touch to the wedding gown
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Pearls always add a timeless, classic touch to a wedding gown, combining nicely with modern styles too. They are at once more subtle and striking than sequins as an embellishment and can be used in just as many different ways to achieve exciting effects. Here are three of our absolute favourite wedding lace with pearls...

dress-made-using-ava-lace-newsIvory Beaded Lace: Ava

This is one of our most popular beaded lace designs and with just one look you'll soon see why. An ivory thread has been expertly embroidered onto a fine tulle, creating a brocade style pattern. This attractive base is then beautifully embellished with sequins, beads and those all-important pearls. Scalloped, matching edges complete the design; check out Albany lace for a similar style in Champagne.

Ava wedding lace has a matching trim available which features complementary embroidery on tulle. Beads and sequins are used to add further embellishment and the tapering design is especially enchanting.

Ivory Beaded Lace – DaisyIvory Beaded Lace: Daisy

 Daisy is a richly-corded and highly-embroidered piece with matching scalloped edges. Large flowers have centres embellished with gorgeous pearls, the beauty of which is further enhanced by extra beads above.

This is a lace with bags of the WOW factor, extravagantly embellished with beads and sequins. The perfect matching lace applique is available from Bridal Fabrics, take a look at Utah.

Ivory Beaded Embroidery Lace – LilaIvory Breaded Embroidery Lace: Lila

Breathtakingly unusual, this is a wonderfully-embellished bridalwear fabric designed to make the bride the real centre of attention.

An ivory tulle base has been embroidered to create a lattice with a Champagne hint; this is overlaid with a carefully-chosen selection of pearls, bringing a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Enjoy browsing through these beaded bridal laces with pearls and get in touch with our expert bridal team for any information you need.

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