Wedding Lace Online: Twice as Nice!

Wedding Lace: Twice as Nice!

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What's better than a gorgeous bespoke wedding dress? TWO gorgeous bespoke wedding dresses! With the wedding industry set to get back into full swing in the next few months, we've delved deep into our online fabric shop to bring you suggestions for two different wedding dresses: one for a ravishingly romantic ceremony and one for a glam and glitzy reception, where you'll dance until the sun comes up.


Antonella: Blush and Ivory Lace

Ivory & Blush Lace - Antonella

 Antonella is a truly diverse wedding dress lace that is based on a background of leaves and stunning lattice work. The bridal lace features a wide range of embroidered ivory floral motifs highlighted with blush-coloured detailing, along with three-dimensional leaves and flowers. Extra embellishment comes in the form of translucent sequins, pearlised beads and sections of delightfully embroidered organza.  



Erwin: Ivory Beaded 3D Lace

Ivory Beaded 3D Lace - Erwin

Ramp up the glamour with Erwin, an evocative ivory lace fabric characterised by an intricate pattern of flowers that gloriously traverses the entire width of the material. Divine beading and 3D flowers add charming decadence. Time to party!



Catalina: Ivory 3D Lace

Ivory 3D Lace - Catalina

Catalina is one of our most unique bridal fabrics, with an exciting, large-scale pattern of flowers radiating exultantly across its width from one edge. An assortment of different beads, along with satin leaves and petals, work in perfect harmony to create a magical effect.



Guadaloupe: Ivory Feather Lace

Ivory Feather Lace - Guadeloupe

You'll be the belle of the ball wearing this spectacular wedding fabric, which features a feminine pattern of flowers on a base of exquisite ivory tulle. Our designer has added embellishments with a generous hand, including beads and feathers along with laser-cut 3D petals. 



Fernando: Ivory Lace

Ivory 3D Lace - Fernando

A delightful design of different floral motifs develops from one edge of the borderless tulle, reaching towards a completely different pattern that advances from the opposite edge. 3D flowers add extra dimension and each flower is decorated with a petite pearl bead. Dainty bead work and shimmering sequins further embellish this most attractive of online fabrics. 



Lilou: Ivory Beaded & Sequinned Lace

Ivory Beaded & Sequinned Lace - Lilou

A contemporary pattern of arc shapes dominates this unusual modern design. Intense embellishment, in the form of ivory sequins and beads, add a regal swish and shimmer to Lilou.



Calinda: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Calinda

The picture of elegant sophistication, Calinda is framed by gently-scalloped edges on each side. Its pretty floral design has been embroidered with an expert touch before being enhanced with sequins and 3D petals. 



Biella: Ivory Laser Lace

Ivory Laser Lace - Biella

Unashamedly flamboyant, Biella will make sure you are the centre of attention. The wedding dress lace features an alluring raschel-woven ground that has been lavishly embellished with bead work and 3D petals. Matching fringed and scalloped edges complete the decadent design. 


These are of course just our suggestions and you are free to mix and match your favourite designs as you desire. Request any two samples absolutely free from the product pages!

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