Wedding Dress Trends for Spring 2012

Brides to be are always looking for the latest trends and styles for Spring their wedding dress designs.
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Brides to be are always looking for the latest trends and styles for  their wedding dress designs. Platinum Bridal Fabrics are the leading supplier of bridal lace as well as offering a full range of bridal fabrics. We speak to a multitude of couture designers, dress makers and fabric retailers every day, who pass on their comments and thoughts everyday.

Trends come and go but there are a few firm favourites which have stuck when it comes to wedding dress design. Recently Bridal Fabrics have been taking a look at what seems to be the most popular choices and have found out the following:

Illusion Necklines

These are going to be a big thing for many Summer 2012 weddings; this involves a sheer, delicate layer of fabric which veils over skin that would have been exposed otherwise. Many of the strapless wedding dresses which you see on the market currently are now using illusion necklines as an elegant way to offer the bride some coverage.

Bridal Lace

Following the Royal Wedding of Kate and William where Kate was seen in a stunning wedding gown which had been created from bridal lace Kate and the popular film Twilight: Breaking Dawn where the character Bella is seen in a beautiful lace gown, bridal lace has proved to be popular with many brides. We have the largest selection of bridal laces within the UK and we even stock the very lace which was used within Twilight - Claire Lace has since been flying off the shelves.

The Bigger the Better

Following the TV programme, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, there has been a new trend started in wedding dresses, with more of an emphasis on size and flamboyance -  the bigger they are, the better. The programme featured the gypsy lifestyle whereby the girls spend their whole lives planning for their big day and they have to have everything perfect and a dress which is full in the skirt and will make a impression. Since then, many brides have opted to choose fuller skirts which are created using lots of layers of tulle.

Bodice Brocades

This is an on-going trend and has been for many years; the brides bodice is in some cases the most important part of the dress and much time is taken getting the details right. Bodice brocades are often used for the bridal wedding dress brocade and these are available in a number of colours as well as many striking designs.

Crystal Embellishments

As the demand for bigger dresses emerges, so does the demand for wedding dresses with added bling, glitz and sparkle! Crystal embellishments have always been popular for use to add a touch of sparkle to any wedding dress design. For Summer 2012 they are going to be a popular wedding dress design trend.

If you are looking for a source for bridal fabric or for groom fabric then look no further than Bridal Fabrics. We have everything you will require and if you are not sure and need any help or advice then do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our expertly trained team who will be able to help.

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