The Perfect Place for Heavier Lace

The Perfect Place for Heavier Lace

Heavier lace is ideal for winter weddings

Planning a winter wedding? A great place to start your search for the ideal wedding dress material is in our dedicated ‘Heavier Lace’ section, where you will find a gorgeous selection of bridal lace fabric of a robust, heavy and comforting weight designed to create structured wedding gowns perfect for the colder months. Immerse yourself in the collection and allow your senses to be inspired.

We have organised our bridal fabrics in a variety of ways so that you can search for your perfect material in your preferred way: options include searching by colour, design and price. All of our heavier lace is gathered together in its own section though each owes its weight to different factors such as the density of the threads used, the spread of the pattern or the amount of beading and embellishment. Three of our favourite heavier laces are:

Lulu - Ivory Guipure Lace

Completely different yet equally intriguing is Lulu, a design that swirls and curves to produce a dazzling, mesmerising effect. Added to our range very recently, this guipure lace has matching edges and carries a surprisingly-small price tag for a wedding dress material of this quality standard. For more information about guipure lace, check out our recent news article.

Lanisha - Ivory Beaded Lace

This is the absolute cream of the crop - prepare to be stunned! Lanisha begins with a fine ivory tulle that has been decorated throughout with exquisitely-formed filigree wire. This wire is highly embellished with beads, diamantés and sequins while strings of beautiful pearls curve fluidly around embroidered yarn and more shimmering pearls and beads. Layered flowers are added here and there, each of which centres on a lush, sparkling diamanté. Added to our range just 2 months ago, this fabric is hugely popular among brides with a well-developed sense of aesthetic beauty.

Go for heavier lace this winter - check out our full collection here!

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