The New Collection from Kelly Marie Redhead - Featured in Vogue Italia

The New Collection from Kelly Marie Redhead - Featured in Vogue Italia

Bridal designer Kelly Marie Redhead, a regular customer of Platinum Bridal Fabrics, has successfully launched her latest collection of wedding gowns.
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Contemporary bridal designer Kelly Marie Redhead of K.M.R Bespoke Bridal, a regular customer of Platinum Bridal Fabrics, has successfully launched her latest collection of wedding gowns. The Whiting Collection, unveiled in April this year, has already received great acclaim and is currently featuring in Vogue Italia magazine.

Kelly is no stranger to the pages of Vogue magazine: her exquisite garments have been featured in both the Italian and UK publications in the past. With a first-class honours degree in Fashion Design, Kelly uses traditional techniques to create the bespoke contemporary wedding gowns, along with a range of gorgeous accessories such as veils, bouquets and garters, for which her fashionable label is renowned.

Named in honour of her late grandmother who inspired Kelly towards a successful career in fashion design and taught her to sew, The Whiting Collection currently features three divine dresses made using our fabrics, each with a unique style and charm of its own. These dresses, named Grace, Ivy and Annie, all make expert use of wedding dress material supplied by Platinum Bridal Fabrics, including lace, crystal trim and crystal embroidery.


The first dress in the collection uses Helena ivory lace, a vintage-inspired design that is incredibly eye-catching thanks to its extensive use of metallic silver thread that cords the outlines of flowers and foliage. Sequins and beads add further embellishment to this scallop-edged lace, which also features a delicate fringe and ivory embroidery.

Ivy also uses Muscari crystal embroidery, a dramatic and daring design of radiating diamantes on a doubly-symmetrical teardrop shaped motif. Dazzling iridescent sequins catch the light, reflecting it onto the beaded wings to provide a truly arresting display.


Annie has a unique beauty that is enhanced further with Daphne crystal embroidery. This delicate embellishment has an attractive and romantic feel to it, hence its name: in Greek mythology, Daphne was turned into a laurel tree by her father as a rather heavy-handed method of preventing her from marrying Apollo. Stylish and feminine, our Daphne crystal embroidery centres around two large flowers created from diamantes which, surrounded by a stellar array of gems, beads and sequins, are evocative and elegant.


The queen of the collection, Grace is proving to be immensely popular and is a current talking point in haute-couture circles around the world. Made using Lucy guipure lace and Taurus crystal trim, this gown is the successful completion of Kelly's aim to use lace in new and innovative ways. The final dress featured a detachable train which allows it to be effortlessly transformed from day to night style.

Lucy guipure lace was perfect for the detachable train with its heavy, luxurious drape and vibrant, exciting design. Intricate, swirling motifs surround a repeating series of flowers based on a ground of metallic filigree. Irregularly-scalloped borders feature heavy, dramatic cording and this, along with small metallic clusters to catch the eye, is one of our most luxurious guipure laces.

Used at the waist of the gown to add interest and help define an elegant silhouette, Taurus crystal trim adds the perfect finishing touch with its floral design edged with a host of silver tubular beads and reflective sequins. Diamantes and marquises add to the beautiful effect, which is at once classic and alternative.

Kelly has swatch books of all of our fabrics, allowing her to take and offer both visual and tactile inspiration for her creative work. We asked her to comment on her experience with Platinum Bridal Fabrics and she said, "The quality of Platinum Bridal Fabrics is fantastic and they offer a brilliant and prompt service. I would always recommend!".

The photos are shared courtesy of Folega Photography and were taken during the Vogue Italia editorial photoshoot at the historic Cusworth Hall in Doncaster. We would like to thank Kelly for taking time out from her busy schedule to send us the photographs and information about some of the fantastic wedding gowns in her latest collection. You can see more of Kelly's talented work at her official website

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