Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine - Crystal Motifs

Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine - Crystal Motifs

Hot on the heels of the brand-new crystal trims introduced in our previous article come three new crystal motifs.
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Continually extending our collection is important to Platinum Bridal Fabrics in order to maintain our enviable reputation as having one of the widest choices of wedding dress material, laces and embellishments, available in the UK. Hot on the heels of the brand-new crystal trims introduced in our previous article come three new crystal motifs. Adding one or several crystal motifs to a wedding dress can make it truly unique, the sparkles and glimmers providing an enticing, feminine aura...

Motifs join with crystal trims and belts to form the 'Crystal Embellishments' section of our website. They are suitable for a wide range of uses but are most particularly suited to bridal wear, adding a personalised finishing touch to the bride's or bridesmaids' gowns. Pearls, beads and diamantes combine to catch light in a myriad of ways, continually changing colours as the dress moves and bringing excitement and shape to the fabric.

Tucana, named after the 'Toucan' constellation in the southern sky, is a shimmering creation featuring a large diamante at the centre of a large flower. Leaves subtly radiate from the flower, whose petals are formed from spherical white beads outlined with white sequins. Utilising a tubular beading technique, the leaves' ability to reflect light is magnified by the Champagne-coloured metallic outlining thread.

Our second new addition is the obliquely-angled Delta. This exciting floral motif is supplied as a pair and is heavily embellished with an attractive selection of diamantes, beads and sequins which give it an engaging, glamourous look. At the centre of each flower nestles a large diamante which refracts light over the petals, giving them life.

Cupid, the mythological Roman God of Desire, gives his name to the third new crystal motif added to our extensive collection. This stylish motif has a unique feel, combining modern with traditional; it is ideally suited for adding to vintage lace garments. Usually applied to the neckline of a bodice or dress, the motif features complex embroidery utilising a variety of large diamantes, beads and pearls, affixed with thread to a background of tulle. Cupid motifs can be simply and invisibly attached to a dress using the tulle overlap of the motif edge.

All of these crystal embellishments will be available to purchase from the end of November. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer samples as we do with our bridal lace because each motif comes complete and ready to be used. However, to ensure full peace of mind when ordering, we offer a two-week money back guarantee on all returns in their original state.

Crystal embellishments continue to grow in popularity and Platinum Bridal Fabrics are pleased to offer these new additions. For more information on any of our wide range of brocade fabric, lace applique, wedding dress material and more, please contact a member of our team who will be happy to guide you through the options available to create the perfectly personalised wedding dress you desire.

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