I'm Dreaming of a White Wedding Dress!

I'm Dreaming of a White Wedding Dress!

Look forward to the whitest of white weddings!
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Whether or not the snow decides to fall, we can all definitely dream about a stunning white wedding wonderland with this snowy selection of wedding lace designs, all of which are available for immediate purchase from the Bridal Fabrics online fabric shop.


Angelica: White Beaded & Corded Lace

White Beaded and Corded Lace - Angelica

To create Angelica bridal lace, our talented designer has started with an ultra-lightweight woven base which incorporates an exciting variety of textures and weaves. Fine thread has been used to embroider a fabulous floral pattern, with heavy cording highlighting the edges of the leaves and flowers within the design. Pearls, sequins and beads add sumptuous embellishment and both symmetrical edges of the wedding fabric are fringed and scalloped. Also available as an ivory lace.


Lucy: White Guipure Lace

White Guipure Lace - Lucy

One of our most stylish dress fabrics online, Lucy features a series of pretty flowers that are connected by a swirling web of exquisite intricacy.This pattern is accentuated by a webbed ground made using metallic filigree threads in a decadent Champagne colour. The irregularly-scalloped identical edges boast a feminine floral theme and feature eye-catching metallic clusters.


Janine: White Embroidered Lace

White Embroidered Lace - Janine

Janine wedding lace online, based on a fine tulle, comprises a pair of bewitching floral patterns that are different at each edge. These patterns can be easily cut out as appliques and repositioned as desired. Janine wedding fabric is also available in a rich ivory colour.


Katherine: White Raschel Lace

White Raschel Lace - Katherine

A delightfully delicate wedding dress lace that is so light that it almost seems to float, Katherine features a repeating series of floral bouquets running throughout the design. These floral elements have been expertly embellished with gorgeous cording. Also available in gold and ivory.


Fearne: White Beaded Lace

White Beaded Lace - Fearne

Narrow scalloped edges frame this design on both sides. The main body of the lace features a beautifully embroidered floral design, which is adorned with sparkling sequins. On top of each sequin sits a petite orb bead. Fearne beaded lace is also available in ivory and navy colour options.

We may not have a white Christmas but you can definitely have a white wedding! Browse our collection of online fabrics now and remember that you can order any two samples without charge.

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