Extreme, Wild, Expensive — Meet the Record-Breakers

If you think that your wedding dress is going to be the greatest ever then you might want to have a quick look at the competition! We have been doing some research into the brightest, boldest and best wedding dresses around and what we discovered might just give you a few ideas. Ready to find out all about those record-breaking wedding gowns? Hold onto your veils because here we go….!

  • Most Expensive Wedding Gown - how much have you set aside for your dream wedding dress? Whatever that amount is, we are quite certain that you won't be buying this particular gown, which was created jointly between Martin Katz Jewelers and renowned bridal haute couture designer Renee Strauss. Diamonds glitter all over the fabulous dress (150 carats of them!) and take the price tag up to an eye-watering £12m

  • Most Crystals Used on a Wedding Dress - we love crystal embellished wedding dress material here at Bridal Fabrics. There’s just something about the way that those gems catch the light that can’t be matched and so this record-breaker really floats our boats! It took designers at Özden Gelinlik Moda Tasarim Ltd to attach 45,024 crystals to a wedding dress, which was valued at almost $19,000

  • Most Pearls Used on a Wedding Dress - we are talking genuine cultured pearls too, all 13262 of them! Japanese Yumi Katsura designed and made the dress, which was inspired by a fictional cartoon princess and must have weighed a lot for the poor model who showed it off to full, glorious effect!

  • Longest Train - we adore long bridal dress trains as they give an extra chance to be creative, exciting and decadent. Saying that, we’re not sure we can imagine a train quite so long and dramatic as that belonging to Shili Lanshan from China. Inspired by Xiamen’s Sea of Flowers, the petal-bedecked train ran behind her for more than 2,600 metres

  • Fastest Marathon Wearing a Wedding Dress - this record exists for both men and women, believe it or not! Both from the UK, Lee Goodwin and Sarah Dudgeon hold the records, with times of 3 hours 16 Minutes 44 seconds/3 hours 54 seconds respectively


Every bride’s dress is a record breaker in its own way and we want to see YOURS! Send us your pictures by email and you might even end up in our news pages, check out our NEWSLETTER for all the details.

Your wedding dress is going to be the best in the world… but will it be a record-breaker? Find out now