Coloured Lace Trims - Our Contemporary Collection

Coloured lace trims and edgings are the perfect way to bring an exciting visual splash to bridal wear. Extremely versatile, they can be used creatively in a variety of ways, from embellishing and complementing a wedding dress to making unique accessories - lace trim has even been used to give an exciting and individual look to the wedding cake!

At Platinum Bridal Fabrics, we have created an eclectic collection of coloured lace trims and edgings. A myriad choice of 17 styles and 23 colours comprise the range, allowing our customers to make exactly the right choice. From soft pastel tones to bold and vibrant shades, the rainbow selection of colour is guaranteed to make your wedding dress or accessories simply perfect.

Go girly with Candy Pink or choose China Blue for a softly enticing aesthetic. Woodland Brown is perfect for autumn weddings while Orange will bring a much-needed burst of warmth to a winter wedding gown. If you’re going for a rich, regal feel, try the Violet lace trim; Chartreuse, one of our most popular choices and bang on trend, is another luxurious hue and is truly fit for a queen.

Sophia Lace Trim

Designed to match and complement our lace and lace appliqués of the same name, Sophia lace trim is both beaded and corded to give a gorgeous and tactile three-dimensional effect. The repeating pattern calls exquisite royal crowns to mind and the lower edge features a delicate, ethereal fringe supported by thick cord which visually underpins the design.

Martina Lace Trim

This unusual fabric begins with extensive embroidery before the backing is removed to give a startlingly pretty effect. The talented designer has then used fine, delicate cording to highlight and embellish the petals and leaves that make up the design. Small, subtle beads are hand-sewn onto the asymmetrical borders to add the perfect finishing touch to Martina lace trim.

Claire Lace Trim

Easily our most magnificent and luxurious edging fabric, Claire lace trim was famously used in the creation of a dress worn by the character Bella in the film Breaking Dawn. Dramatic double-scalloped edges frame this beautiful trim, surrounding a complex lattice design of semi-abstract flowers and foliage to give a look of pure elegance. If required, the wedding fabric can carefully split along the centre, effectively doubling the amount of usable edging. Check out our gallery to see a gorgeous dress featuring Claire lace trim.

Add a splash of colour to your wedding dress or accessories with our fantastic collection of coloured lace trims and edgings. For more information on the collection, please give our skilled bridal team a call on 01254 873333 or email