Brand New Lace: Pre-Order Today!

There are lots of brand new designs of lace ready to pre-order
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We have added around 20 new lace designs to our huge collection. They are currently being made and will be available to purchase within 10-12 weeks though, as always, we are happy to take your pre-orders for samples and lengths.

The new collection includes:

ivory-lace-eunice_crop - CopyEunice Ivory Embroidered Lace

Eunice is an exciting design which is absolutely on trend. It features a number of large- scale leaf motifs which are linked to an intriguing pattern of lattice work and several bud-like islets right across the width of the lace.

The motifs have a dramatic, regal look and carry through to one edge at the top of the design; the other edge is gently scalloped and features inter-dispersal of leaf edges.

ivory-lace-taylor_crop - CopyTaylor Ivory Embroidered Lace

Vibrant and bustling, this asymmetric design featured a beautiful floral design embroidered onto a fine ivory tulle base.

Decorative lattice work teams with a delicate garland of attractive buds which link the two edges, both of which are scalloped to perfectly frame the bold design.

ivory-lace-begonia_crop - CopyBegonia Ivory Embroidered Lace

Another lace featuring bold lattice work, Begonia is especially attractive thanks to its leafy borders, which are rendered in a baroque style.

There are two designs of lattice work along with regal islands which exalt from the central panel. Both borders are symmetrical, imparting a sense of pure harmony.

Please enjoy browsing our new lace designs and get your pre-orders in today to make sure you are among the first to experience the fabulous new wedding dress material for yourself! Subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates!

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