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We know that you love to get your hands on the very newest bridal fabrics but these ones are so new and exclusive that WE haven’t even got our hands on them yet! To ease your impatience and to make sure you get the lace as soon as we do, we now offer a pre-order service and you can subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest.

Some of the new Ivory Embroidered Lace designs now available for pre-order from Bridal Fabrics include:

  • Zelda: This goes beyond floral with a huge array of blooms and blossoms embellishing it, giving it a gorgeously feminine edge. A scalloped border completes the design and rounds up that attractive, striking effect

  • Zeenat: An optical illusion is created with this amazing lace, are they butterflies or are they flowers? Whichever you perceive, they stand out against a stunning waterfall background and immediately catch the eye

  • Violina: ANother design that is heavy on the flowers, this lace has touches of exotic silver filigree thread throughout, highlighting and embellishing the design. This lace also features identical borders

  • Talia: As you move under different types of light, Talia displays a wonderful and magnificent two-tone effect, catching and playing with the light to make you shimmer alluringly. The design is created from leaves, to give a unique visual

  • Mabel: Despite the name, this is a very modern-looking lace with sweeping patterns and an exciting border design. The gap between this border and the pattern is pretty unique so check it out for yourself

  • Lana: Do you want the skirt of your wedding gown to feature lots of intricate detail? The Lana lace could be the right choice for you, with its pretty floral design

We are sure that you will just adore all of these new laces and don't forget that there is even more to come so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and you won’t miss out. Don't forget that we love to hear from our customers and see photos of what they create using our fabrics so send yours in to us. All photos willm with your consent, appear in our online gallery and you may even end up in the news yourself!

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