Amber Ivory Lace - A Magical Vintage Dress

Amber Ivory Lace - A Magical Vintage Dress

At Platinum Bridal Fabrics, we absolutely love receiving photographs of our gorgeous customers wearing their fully-finished wedding gowns.

A recent email, sent to us by blushing bride Carissa, was no exception and we are sure you will agree with us that her gown was a truly exceptional creation!

Carissa knew that she wanted to opt for a vintage bridal lace style, with the Edwardian era having a particular attraction for her. The uniquely-beautiful wedding gown she created was inspired by other bespoke designs she had seen, each of which featured two distinct components - a boned corset bodice and an attractive sheath dress expertly laid over the top. Both components worked flawlessly together and the bride’s figure was accentuated with a tightening sash at the waist.

As Carissa was working organically without a pattern, there was a lot of trial-and-error involved in getting the look exactly right. Her original plan for an A-line skirt eventually morphed into a column-type skirt with inserted godet as she worked, realising that pattern-matching could be a challenge for someone who freely admits to never having attempted to sew with lace before!

To find exactly the right lace, Carissa carried out lots of online research and found that Platinum Bridal Fabrics had “the best selection” along with “clear pictures and descriptions of the fabrics”. She ordered many samples of our bridal fabrics before finally settling on Amber lace as she found it to be “unique and not the traditional diamond-style pattern of many laces”. Carissa commented that our service was “amazing” and that all of her samples and lace arrived within two days of ordering.

Amber ivory lace is composed of striking column motifs that march boldly across the full width of the design. There are two column designs - one softly curving and the other with a more ornate style - and the ground weave has a mesmerising display of abstract shapes, each formed from the very finest ivory thread. Catching the light here and there are subtly-placed sequins, giving Amber a distinctly magical vintage lace appeal.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics would like to say a big thank you to Carissa for sharing images of her wedding gown with us which were taken by photographer Matthew Bishop Photography & the reason 'the photos are so good!'  You can see more of Matthew Bishop's work on his website

Please keep your photographs and emails coming in and you could soon be featuring in our newsletter, which reaches thousands of people every month. Platinum Bridal Fabrics - wedding dress material of distinction.

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