Sun, Sea, Sand... and Wedding Gowns!

Sun, Sea, Sand... and Wedding Gowns!

Our top tips on creating a wedding dress for the beach
Nothing could be more idyllic than a beach wedding. But, before you get swept away on a tide of romantic ideas, you've got to consider the practical aspects of making that all-important decision on the wedding dress. Here are our top tips on choosing the perfect gown for a dream-destination wedding...
  • Shorter Styles. Many brides dream of a wedding gown with a long, flowing train but this is a definite no-no for a beach wedding. Whether it's sand or pebbles, it's going to make the train of a dress get grubby so it's well worth considering a shorter style. A varied-length skirt (e.g calf-length at the back and knee-length in the front) is ideal and makes a dress look more 'bridal'
  • Breathable Fabric. A beach wedding will (hopefully!) mean warm weather and sunshine so choosing light, floaty fabrics can make a big difference and prevent you from feeling uncomfortable
  • Be Casual. A structured, formal wedding dress with a full skirt and bodice will look out of place at a beach wedding. Instead, the dress should flow over the lines of the bride's body, giving a soft and smooth silhouette than can be complemented with a loose, curling hairstyle
  • Consider Carrying. It's important to make sure that your dress is well protected when travelling. 
  • Shoes. The footwear chosen by the bride has a massive effect on how the gown looks. High heels are massively popular but are clearly not appropriate for beachwear so make sure the style you choose will look great with flat shoes or even bare feet
  • Strappy Styles. Strapless gowns usually incorporate lots of support fabric which can make them uncomfortably warm in a beach setting. Instead, go for a gown with straps which, as well as looking super-sexy, allows you to experiment with daring low-cut backs
For expert advice on choosing the best wedding dress material for a beach wedding, get in touch with our bridal team today. Looking for inspiration? Check out our gallery.

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