Help! I'm Engaged! Solving Your Wedding Dress Dilemmas

valentine's ring

Valentine's Day is a time of love, romance and for many, proposals of marriage. 

Though the commitment to a loved one can be a wonderful idea, what if the idea of buying a wedding dress fills you with anxiety?  Maybe you fear being paraded out in dresses that don't make you feel like you?  Maybe you don't want to feel pushed or rushed or bossed into a  decision that you're not 100% sure about? Maybe you're concerned about the price of ready made dresses and you're looking for a way to save money on your wedding dress?

Whatever the reason a shop bought dress experience makes you run for the hills, maybe it's time to think about doing things your own way.  Are you an alternative bride?  Have you got your own ideas about your wedding dress?  Are you a designer at heart?  Maybe, all can be solved by having your dress bespokely made.  Your wedding dress can be made by you, a family member or local seamstress.  You could have the best of both worlds: the perfect dress at a price you can afford.

For a personal touch, a dress that's made for your shape and size and personality, create your own dress. If you have a design in mind then browse our range of beautiful bridal fabrics, lace and trims to make your dream dress a reality, and not a contorted version of what you really want.  We offer a free sample service so order samples to get the look and feel of the fabric. 

Do you want any advice?  No problem.  We're here to help so get in touch today and let us start you on a dress journey where you are in control. 


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