Why should you buy your lace from Bridal Fabrics?

Why should you buy your lace from Bridal Fabrics?

Reasons why you should use Bridalfabrics.com to supply your wedding laces.

We offer a huge range of exciting and dramatic designs, all from stock with world wide shipping and no minimum order quantities. 



As Europe’s leading stockist of Bridal Fabrics, Laces and Tulles, we are well placed to give you the best insight as to the latest trends and fashions.
We work with embroidery and weaving mills worldwide including France, Italy, Taiwan, India and Turkey to create designs that are both classical and cutting edge fashion.  Sometimes, the mill brings a new range to us and other times, we draw inspiration from cat walk fashion and trade shows. It is a constant challenge to keep our range up to date and diverse. We try our very best to offer designers and brides a selection of laces that offers articles that are simultaneously classic, elegant and contemporary.

Our range is categorised in a variety of different ways.

  • Theme
  • Embellishment
  • Colour
  • Type
  • Composition



There are abstract and subjective terms that try to filter your selection. Boho Lace is perfect for the festival bride vibe and incorporates a relaxed and chic wedding look, often with a light and floaty handle.

Large Scale Drama is a category that contains eye catching and often contemporary designs that are flamboyant and dramatic. These are the opposite to the traditional close set small and dainty lace designs, that are more classical in nature.

We have developed 6 themes in total which are only our opinion but will hopefully guide you. Each theme can be further filtered according to the colour, type or embellishment that you are looking for.


Lace is highly prized for its decadence and beauty. The base fabric can be decorated and embellished in a variety of different ways to enhance its attraction.

Often there is some overlap between types of embellishment so many beaded laces are also corded or have sequinned detail. 3D laces have detailing that sits proud of the base surface to provide some relief and texture.

Cording is a process that highlights elements of the design to draw the eye to certain features.


By far the most popular colour of lace is ivory but within this generic colour are many different hues and tones. We use it to describe an off white colour, with elements of cream, without too much yellow. Some ivory are warm and rich, whilst others can be cool and crisp. Traditionally many laces were white to signify purity and youth but many brides choose not to use this colour as it can look harsh on many skin tones. More recently some daring brides have used tonal colours such as blush, champagne and almond and these often form a contrast with an ivory fabric base.


 Lace is a decorative and embellishing fabric that comes in many different designs but also is made in a variety of different ways.

Lace was original made by hand and subsequently was woven on Leavers Looms in Nottingham in UK. With the advent of technological advance, different centres of expertise developed round the globe. Whilst lace is made using the same woven techniques in the Chantilly area of Northern France, other variants of lace are now made using embroidery, Raschel knitting and Glitter. There really are no limits to the beauty of lace and new production techniques are constantly evolving as fashion demands.


 Historically, laces were made using silk and fine linen or cotton threads. Modern production techniques mean that a vast array of fibres are used. The most popular for embroidery is a polyamide tulle base with a rayon embroidery thread. This combination allows for a light weight and delicate looking product with a sheer base and rich, opulent embroidery stitching. The embroidery is often embellished further a combination of beads, pearls, sequins or cording. Silk is rarely used these days due to its fragile nature.

Why should you choose to buy from Bridal Fabrics?

Our range of lace designs is constantly evolving and we keep it up to date by regular visits to overseas manufacturers to meet with designers. We are happy to try and work with designers to develop new concepts on demand.

We also are working hard to add Eco Friendly laces to our range. 

From time to time, we offer certain designs on discount if for some reason we become overstocked or are offered a discount by our suppliers. Keep your eye on this section of our website.

All of our designs are offered from stock without minimum order quantity with a prompt delivery service, no matter where you are in the world. We are proud to offer a great quality product with leading customer service.

We offer wholesale pricing to larger customers and ship via UPS on a global basis.



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