Contemporary Bride Style - Modern Bridal Lace Fabric Designs that are on Trend

En vogue, on trend, in fashion - whatever the phrase, who doesn't want to look modern and chic on their wedding day.  For the contemporary bride, here we showcase a range of bridal lace designs that are hot right now!  Get your creativity juices flowing and design an in vogue wedding dress using these fabulous lace designs...


An opulent and dramatic ivory lace that is composed of a ivory tulle base with embroidery that has been embellished in an explosive design that represents flowers or perhaps even fireworks with cording and sequins. The flowers are large and contemporary in style and really pack a punch for a WOW en vogue bridal lace fabric. The width of this lace is 132 cm (52"). We also offer this lace in black


 A modern A supremely elegant ivory bridal lace with 3D floral detail on a tulle base. This lace measures 132 cm (52") wide and has an abstract embroidered pattern on the base with eye catching laser cut petals to embellish it. 


An extremely attractive ivory embroidery lace with silver/ champagne detailing that really enhances the design and look of this modern lace. The dramatic pattern varies across the lace, highlighted with twisted cording and clear colourless sequins for some subtle sparkle and shimmer.  This lovely contemporary lace measures 132 cm (52"). The base is an ivory tulle and the pattern repeats on 32 cm (13").   We also offer this lace in dusky pink and black.


A contemporary and stunning ivory lace that has an abstract floral designs created with a flat ribbon sewn onto the base tulle.  The large size of the motifs makes this a stand out lace fabric for a confident and modern bride. Measuring 132 cm (52") wide, this is also available in pink and silver
The base is a fine, high quality tulle, that has been adorned with contemporary, flamboyant flowers, which are formed by a narrow ribbon. 


A different take on bridal lace with large scale flowers that are emblazoned across the tulle base, with quite dense coverage as one flower sits next to another one.  Sequins have been used to add a subtle sparkle and highlight this contemporary design. In stock and available with no minimums, we ship worldwide.  This truly elegant lace measures 132 cm (52") wide. 


A flamboyant and daring ivory lace from Italy which measures 130 cm (51") wide but with a very light and drapey handle.  Large flowers cascade from one edge of the tulle base becoming gradually smaller. The ivory embroidery is subtly highlighted with a silver/champagne filigree (metallic) thread which adds a hint of colour and additional depth to this chic, romantic and stylish cutting-edge lace.
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