Beautiful Silk Fabrics Available with No Minimums

Here at Bridal Fabrics, we've a wonderland of lace and fabrics including an extensive collection of beautiful silk fabrics that we sell by the cut length.  This means you only need to buy as much as you need so you are not paying for fabric you won't be using because of having to buy a minimum quantity. 
We're also confident that you'll fall in love with the quality of the silks we have on offer from sumptuous satins, magical mikados and drapey crepes to light weight chiffons, georgette and organza. 
Whatever you are looking for we recommend you order a few samples first so you know the handle and the colour is right be for you order.  That's why we encourage sampling by offering your first two samples for free!
Check out our full range of silks by clicking here or browse a few choices below.
Splendour is our most popular silk satin and no wonder, with its soft sheen and handle, the most decadent of drapes and a fabulous choice of colours.  As with all our silk satins, it's a quality silk and you can but just 0.5m if that is all you need.   
Splendour is a 100% Silk Crepe back Satin measuring 137 cm or 54" wide  . This is available in approximately 40 colors and this silk satin weighs 82 grams per square metre or 19 mm (mommy) so lovely and light and drapey!
Tantalise is a tantalising luxury, high quality silk double crepe with a sand wash finish, this has a wonderful rich handle and magnificent drape.  It really does need to be touched to be appreciated so don't hesitate in ordering a free sample. In my opinion this is THE most  luxurious of all of the silks, and with a matt finish it's a contemporary and appealing choice for a couture client.  Measuring 110 cm (43.3") wide, it is available from stock and without minimum order quantity.  The weight of this fabric is 40 m/m.
 Tempest is a light and floaty semi sheer silk chiffon that is perfect for an ethereal wedding dress or bridesmaid dress.  With so many colours to choose from this high quality silk chiffon is a go to choice for dress designers and brides.  This is the type of fabric that can give a bohemian look to a dress and again, is available from stock.  With a huge selection of colours to choose from there's no limit to the colour palette of the bridal party.  This wonderful silk chiffon measures 114 cm (45") wide and is 4.5 m/m and has a great drape and vividness of colour.
Evolution Silk Organza is a fine, lightweight, sheer fabric and our quality is ideal for bridal wear and evening wear alike, often as an outer layer to add a soft outline. As a way to create full skirts on a gown, nothing can beat organza for a graceful fall that produces attractive lines. Wraps that are overlaid with organza can produce a sophisticated look that will draw many admiring eyes. One of the main uses of organza is in the creation of wedding dresses that help to make the big day all the more special. Between wedding attire and uptown evening fashions, organza has a secure future in the world of fashion.
Evolution Silk Organza measures 138 cm (54") wide and weighs 24 grams per square metre or 5.5 mm (mommy) and is available in 24 different colours.


Shimmer is a silk georgette fabric that measures 114 cm (45") wide that is available in a wide range of colours from stock. It's light weight and semi-sheer and drapes absolutely beautifully.  Take a look at the pictures and if a light weight, floaty fabric is what you are after then Shimmer and Tempest are two top choices to sample. This fabric is 8 m/m and has a great drape!