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Vintage Vibes: Why Wedding Dress Throwbacks are the Hot New Trend in Bridal

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Hot picks, new trends, en vogue and up to date designs are constantly being requested when it comes to bridal lace designs.  We offer all of the above but more and more the requests for a vintage look are growing.  Because our range is so large, we are able to satisfy the creative whims of just about any bride and bridal designer.  If a vintage aesthetic is important to you as a bride or as a bridal designer, we have a selection of lace that will illuminate the charm of the classic look.

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A dramatic and elegant French chantilly lace with matching scalloped edges which measures 90 cm (35") wide.  There are five rows of circular garlands, each of which contain a floral bouquet in the centre. 

Dora has a very vintage feel to it for a Chantilly that is relatively new to our collection.  The famous Chantilly weave is evident in the delicate shading of the floral bouquet.  The scalloped edge with eyelashes is particularly enchanting.




A stunning art deco inspired ivory Lace design with fan shaped motifs reminiscent of the glamour of the silver screen in early Hollywood.  The symmetrical theme of fans, circles and a marquise shapes repeat giving the fabric its striking look.  The circular pattern within the fabric adds to the bold and confident design resulting in a scalloped edge (16cm/6.3").  This is a spectacular choice.

The lace measures 132 cm/52" wide. 
We also offer this design with feathers as Euphoria




Harriet is an elegant design with a vintage appeal, featuring heart shaped motifs that form a diamond measuring 148 cm/58" in width.

This lace has plain edges and a delightful non-floral design running through the body. 
Available in cream only (slightly richer than traditional ivory),




Natalie is a corded ivory lace on a woven raschel ground featuring magnificent floral "towers", which extend into the body of the lace for 58 cm (23") from the border.

The borders are however not symmetrical with the other border have a smaller version of the main border, which extends around 11.5 cm (4.5")  into the pattern. The width of the lace is 132 cm (52").




An ivory beaded lace called Fritzi that measures 132 cm (52") wide. The base is an ivory tulle that has been beautifully embellished with laser cut flowers and then further decorated with silvery beads, embroidery and sequins.  The laser cut fabric has a champagne tone to it, giving this lace fabric the sought after vintage feel.

A dazzling and eye catching bridal lace. 
For more vintage inspired lace designs click here

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