Wonderful Winter Weddings

Wonderful Winter Weddings

Jingle bells and mistletoe garlands; mulled wine and red rose bouquets and of course a crisp layer of white snow. Christmas conjures some wonderful images, sounds and smells but whatever the weather, what can be more perfect than a Winter Wedding? 

We’ve put together a few trend alerts for winter weddings when the temperature drops and festivities kick in. From colour trends and subtle sparkle to more daring and cutting edge bridal attire.

White Weddings

White is absolutely the most wonderful winter wedding choice and be it in lace or a plain fabric can glisten like the snow.  If you wear white for religious reasons or you just like it, we have a huge choice for you.  Satins suits the winter season, and sometimes a heavy crepe, we’re seeing white fabric practically walk out of Bridal Fabrics HQ.  Keeping it simple yet sophisticated is the order of the day, with the bride providing the drama with her lace or embellished wedding gown. A little bit of glitz can be added for the party season with some embellishment in the form of crystal motifs on the shoulders or crystal trim on the cuffs of long sleeved gowns.  The silhouette is often quite 1940s with shoulder details and waist gathering to highlight a narrow waist.

Winter Sparkle

Imagine a glistening snow scene of flickering sparkle and you’ll perceive the subtlety of wedding sparkle.  Sometimes intended to scintillate as opposed to be amplify, sequins and glitter are actually being toned down for some brides whilst others are embracing the sparkle. Lace with a modicum of translucent sequins that catch the light as the brides move are favoured by brides as well as the full beaded and sequinned fabric.  Glitter embellished tulle and lace is another option brides are catching on to.  A layer of glitter underneath the outer lace fabric or tulle is satisfying the need for sparkle without being too blingtastic. 


Long sleeves are not so new I hear you say but here’s the thing…  sleeves just got bigger and poufier!   For the bride it’s about drama and poufy, blouson sleeves are a go to style statement.  Sleeves are also god send for a winter wedding on a more practical level, especially if the temperature outside has taken a tumble.  When it comes to sleeves, bigger is most definitely better for the fashion forward.

Capes and Coats

Capes are most certainly evolving and moving from a long, floaty superhero version to more diverse options.  Capes and veils with 3D embellishment are definitely en vogue and we love the trailing petals and leaves organically rising up the tulle.  Capes are so versatile you can really push the sleigh out with some modern designs.  


Faux fur is also a super option for a winter wedding and ever so practical.  Opt for a long haired colour version for en mode brides.  This brings us to the next trend to rise as the temperature falls: coats!   An ivory coat for the photo shoot in the snow is surely as much of a bride’s prerogative as a second or third wedding dress.  The catwalk is obliging and fringed creations are leading the charge.

High Necklines

Traditional silhouettes, necklines, and details have been making a real comeback in recent seasons, with a take on bygone eras such as Victorian style, the high neck trend is well and truly established.  Like Paris Hilton's dress this current chic trend is set to embed itself into bridal boutiques and bespoke ateliers up and down the land. 

Illusion lace/tattoo lace

Brides have been in love with lace for centuries and though lace still dominates the bride style a new, edgier bridal fashion is materialising.  Using lace, without a lining fabric, allows the lace design to stand out and look like is has been appliquéd, ‘tattooed’ or artfully embroidered onto the bride’s skin.  Carefully placed motifs can protect the bride’s modesty or a nude colour fabric corset under the lace is probably a more practical solution.  However the look is achieved, it’s a daring and sexy but with a full fabric cover up it’s also aisle worthy bridal fashion.

Whatever bridal fashion throws at us, Bridal Fabrics is your go to supplier for fabrics, lace, tulle and trim.  Visit www.bridalfabrics.com Call our team on 01254 700117  - we’re happy to help!

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