White, Ivory or Coloured Lace? Have All Three!

Can't decide? Be a both-worlds bride! As we have got the perfect compromise - coloured lace trim!

White, Ivory or Coloured Lace

White and Ivory are the two most popular colours for the wedding gown - the two are always in competition for pole position with one always just slightly ahead of the other until the next reversal. While Ivory and White battle it out, however, there is a growing trend for brides to ditch tradition completely and walk up the aisle (or along the beach, or freefall from a hot-air balloon!) wearing a bespoke gown of a completely different tone. What’s your colour?

Lots of our wedding laces are available in a range of colours from the softest pastel blush to the most flamboyant, eye-catching vivids. If you can’t quite bring yourself to tie the knot wearing a full gown of Turquoise or Cherry Red, then we have got the perfect compromise - coloured lace trim. Now you can instantly bring a touch of your chosen colour to your wedding dress and creative dressmakers can find all sorts of uses for the quality material from accessorising shoes and handbags to creating unique wedding favours.

Reveal the Rainbow

A breathtaking palette of colours is yours to choose from when you purchase coloured lace trim from Bridal Fabrics. Perhaps China Blue, with its soft yet glowing appeal, will make you feel fabulous or you might want to go all Girl Power and take it to the limit with Candy Pink. A rich, regal and rustic look can be achieved with Woodland Brown or, if you want to really feel like a queen, go for Violet, Chartreuse or Russet. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Two of our favourite coloured lace trims are:

  • Sophia - beading and cording are used to full effect on this dramatic embellished fabric, forming abstract crowns that grab and hold the attention. Only a few breathless moments later is the eye released to appreciate the delicate qualities of the ephemeral fringe that frames the design

  • Claire - ever seen the movie Breaking Dawn? Then you might recognise this lace as worn by Bella! Flowers and foliage form a lattice of absorbing and intriguing complexity that, flamboyant yet elegant, is pure classy couture. Try carefully splitting this embellished fabric to double how much edging you can use - effectively making this lace trim always half-price!

You don’t have to decide between a white/ivory or less traditional colour of wedding dress - have the best of both worlds with Bridal Fabrics!

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