Brand New Wedding Lace - What's your Favourite Colour?

Brand New Wedding Lace - What's your Favourite Colour?

We continually update our vast portfolio of wedding dress material and embellishments

With our ring-fingers firmly on the passionate pulse of wedding couture, Platinum Bridal Fabrics continually update our vast portfolio of wedding dress material and embellishments with the latest designs. Our (lucky!) team of bridal experts get to travel the globe, seeking out the finest materials to bring home and share with our customers - 12 fresh and fashionable choices of new wedding lace have just been made available so get browsing and be among the first to get your hands on the exciting collection!

Whether you want black, white or ivory lace, the Platinum Bridal Fabrics ‘New Lace Designs’ section has got something for you. What’s your colour?

White Lace - Mallory

Embellished by hand, this premium wedding dress material is pure delight for the senses. Mallory is designed with a swirling and mesmerising pattern that, tightly-knit, is especially eye-catching - this latter quality is enhanced by pale ivory pearls and colourless beads which alternate across the borderless body of the fabric. Absolutely perfect for a dreamy summer wedding.

Black Lace - Pandora

Upping the glam factor, Pandora is bold and striking with its zigzag arrangement of classy embroidered floral garlands. Both edges of the lace feature beautiful scalloping and the black colouration of this gorgeous wedding dress material makes it suitable for eveningwear and theatrical costumes as well. Need extra pizazz? We also offer this lace design with sparkly silver highlights - see Jayne for details!

Ivory Lace - Arianna

The name ‘Arianna’ is ultimately descended from Ariadne, who was King Minos’ daughter in the tales of Greek mythology. Ariadne, cruelly abandoned by Theseus after selflessly helping him escape the Minotaur of the Labyrinth, went on to find the man of her dreams in Dionysus, God of wine and fertility (we imagine they had one hell of a reception and honeymoon!). This romantic tale is the inspiration for Arianna, an ivory lace featuring layers of 3D flowers, each embellished with sequins, embroidery and beads around a central pearl. Simply stunning.

These are just some of our new lace designs - check out the rest of the collection here! We also have several laces available for pre-order - look out for more news of these coming soon...

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