Winter Wedding Dress Material - Faux Fur Bridal Fabrics

Winter Wedding Dress Material - Faux Fur Bridal Fabrics

Faux Fur Bridal Fabrics is a great alternative to a real thing, being a perfect winter fabric giving warmth and festive touch to the bride.
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Winter is well and truly here and the bridal couture market has responded admirably with the introduction of Ermine Faux Fur. The beautiful fabric is making waves on catwalks around the world and Platinum Bridal Fabrics are proudly able to supply Ermine faux fur to our eclectic customers.

Ermine faux fur has found a particular niche in the creation of bridal capes. These exciting and unique garments can be enhanced with crystal embellishments and satin linings, as is the case with a fabulous wedding gown designed by Truly Bridal UK.

Faux fur is an amazing alternative to the real thing, looking and feeling exactly the same but with the added benefits of it being cruelty-free and much more resistant to wear & tear and staining. It is also the perfect winter fabric because it offers warmth to the bride while giving her that added festive touch.

Our Ermine Faux Fur is currently available exclusively in ivory with a 148cm width. An ideal fabric for creating highly-fashionable winter capes, shrugs, muffs and wraps, we expect this to be one of our biggest seasonal offerings!

The beautiful cape in these photos, which was created using Ermine faux fur and lined with our gorgeous Contessa satin, was adorned with Alaska lace appliqué to add that perfect, luxurious finishing touch. Alaska is formed from the most diaphanous satin matt fabric and catches the light with its expertly-placed diamantés.

To find out more about Truly Bridal UK and the garments they create using weeding dress material from Platinum Bridal Fabrics, check out

Get the perfect winter look with Ernie Faux Fur from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Call us now on 01254 873333 or email to find out how we can help create the dress of your dreams.

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